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Senior Software Development Manager, AWS EC2 Networking Resume Sample - Template #6006

Senior Software Development Manager, AWS EC2 Networking – Amazon

Redmond, WA

Proficient engineering leader with 18 plus years of experience in software development, managing solutions for enterprise data center and public/private cloud. Proven track record of focused execution, operational excellence, team building and cross-functional management. Passionate, detail oriented, collaborative and quick learner with an in-depth blend of technical, management and leadership skills.

Willing to relocate to: San Francisco Bay Area, CA – San Francisco, CA

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Senior Software Development Manager, AWS EC2 Networking


Seattle, WA

2016 to Present

Leading the design, development and operations of VPC distribution plane, a software-defined 
network service (IaaS) that propagates millions of VPC mappings to the edge devices that 
enables customers to connect to the AWS services. 
• Delivered key customer features including IPv6, load balancers for VPN, cross-region VPC 
peering and VPC resize through Agile/Scrum methodologies. 
• Currently managing the development and deployment of the next generation SDN distribution 
plane, an organizational goal to reduce the blast radius and increase the availability, scalability and performance of the service. 
• Deep cross-functional interfaces with AWS services including network management, DNS, edge 
data plane, Dynamo DB (NoSQL), S3 storage, security, VPN/Direct-connect teams.

Senior Manager, Software Engineering

Broadcom Corporation

San Jose, CA

2014 to 2016

Led SDK application engineering team for Strata XGS Ethernet switches- L2, L3, MPLS, IP 
multicast, HA, tunnels, SDN features, OFDPA (Open Flow Data Plane Abstraction), OAM, and Linux Development Kit. 
• Rich customer experience in customizing Broadcom switches for industry’s top tier companies 
spanning across metro Ethernet, cloud, social networking, white box and networking vendors.

Senior Manager, Platform Software Development

Samsung (SSI)

Milpitas, CA

2014 to 2014

Managed the development and bring-up of firmware/embedded-software for ARM based Server 
SoCs – Multi-stage Boot code/loader UEFI, GRUB, DDR; BMC/IPMI, network management, 
FreeRTOS; Linux device drivers PCIe, SATA/SAS, Ethernet, Flash, Ubuntu, RedHat; SAS arch, 
transport (SSP, STP, SMP), expanders; production screening software, pre/post-silicon bring-up.

Senior Manager, Network Development Engineering


San Jose, CA

2011 to 2014

Successfully engineered FC NPIV/Access Gateway for Dell blade network switches that enabled 
Dell to make a big entry into native FC solution/market. 
• Engineered M-IO Aggregator blade network switch (highest density, zero touch L2 switch) to a successful release for Dell’s M1000e PowerConnect chassis – Software framework, 
L2/L3/Storage protocols FC/FCoE/iSCSI; network virtualization VXLAN, TEPs; SDN – SDN agent, 
controller, compliance, OpenFlow, SNMP/Yang/Netconf/REST APIs for management plane.

Director, Software Engineering


San Jose, CA

2000 to 2011

• Managed and led software development of next generation data center core network switch 
Z9512 – Budgeting, planning, hiring, cross functional management, prototypes; device & kernel 
drivers, boot code, 64 bit OS; Xen Hypervisor; HA, ISSU, chassis mgmt., cooling, power mgmt.; 
integration, bring-up and successful demo, in record time and minimal resources. 
Senior Manager, IP Routing Group 
• Managed routing software development for networking switches – BGP protocol – 4 byte AS, 
add-path, performance improvements and customizations; IP Multicast – PIM snooping and sparse-dense mode; FIB and VRF, which secured strategic customers in social networking space. 
Manager, IP Multicast Group 
• Led the design and development of IP Multicast protocols – PIM-V6, PIM-SSM, policies – filters, 
IGMP to SSM map; triggered joins, border router, PIM-DM, MTRACE, MLD and MLD snooping, 
ECMP, PIM HA, graceful restart and non-stop forwarding, across Dell’s C/E/S/Z products lines. 
• Won financial, university and federal customers through quick, rich and quality features. 
Senior Software Engineer 
• Led the design and development of IP multicast switching/routing software – PIM-SM protocol 
on FTOS – infrastructure, porting IP Infusion code to FTOS; multicast forwarding code, interface with IGMP and MSDP protocols, performance improvements to scale to 50K entries, 512 PIM 
routing interfaces and a host of customizations that single handedly won many accounts. 
Software Engineer 
• Designed and developed BGP (Border Gateway) network/routing protocol from ground up on FTOS – BGP infrastructure, attribute processing, best path, policies (filter-list/prefix-list/route- 
maps); peer groups, NHOP, confed, soft-reconfig, redistribute, network, backdoor routes, MBGP, 
graceful restart capabilities; Routing Table Manager (RTM) software and redistribution.

Software Engineer

Nortel Networks

Santa Clara, CA

1999 to 2000

Developed routing and switching software for Nortel’s XLR switches.

Software Engineer


Portland, OR

1995 to 1997

Developed system diagnostics software for Sequent’s symmetry multi-processor and NUMA 
(non uniform memory access) systems.

Software Engineer

Alacrity Systems

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

1992 to 1995

Enercon Systems, Bangalore India 
• Developed embedded software for industrial electronic systems including power demand 
analyzers and numerically controlled machines.



Johnson School of Business, Cornell University

M.S. in Computer Science

Texas A&M University

B.E. in Electronics

Bangalore University


BGP (10+ years), FCoE (3 years), SDN (6 years), TELNET (6 years)

Additional Information

Technical Skills 
• OS/Platforms: Linux, NetBSD, Xen, FreeRTOS, VxWorks / x86, PPC, MIPs, ARM SoCs, BCM SDK 
• Protocols: IP Multicast suit, BGP, OSPF, L2/L3 TCP/IP, JSON, Protobuf 
• Technologies: AWS, VRF, HA, ISSU, stacking, VLT, TriLL, FC/FCoE/iSCSI/SAS, distributed systems, 
Network Virtualization, SDN, security protocols 
• Tools: GIT, Perforce, Extraview/Jira, CI/CD, service automation and monitoring tools

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