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Ravenden, AR

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

A. Chemist

American Silica

Black Rock, AR

October 2016 to Present

1. Maintain a clean and safe work area. Follow the established laboratory safety guidelines and procedures 
2. Maintain proper sampling technique for all sites requiring sampling 
3. Inspect raw material (incoming deposits) to insure conformity to general product requirements 
4. Perform the physical lab testing of incoming, in-process, finished goods, and raw materials as needed, to insure conformity to API, ASTM and customer requirements 
5. Assist in the continual improvement of the Quality Department (training of Q.A. personnel, help develop and maintain procedures, etc.) 
6. Perform all required paperwork and record keeping functions properly and accurately. Generate and distribute reports of testing and activities as required 
7. Inspect finished product

B. Chemist

Crane Composites

Jonesboro, AR

July 2007 to September 2016

1. Maintained a clean and safe work area. Followed the established laboratory safety guidelines and procedures (including 5S) 
a. Hazardous Materials 
b. Participated in Safety Committee 
2. Participated in laboratory work involving raw materials (core and gel-coat resin) evaluation, new product development, new applications for existing products, and competitive product matching. 
a. Worked with thermoset resins 
i. Unsatured polyesters 
ii. Vinyl esters 
iii. Urethanes 
iv. Limited epoxies 
b. Extensive work done in formulation, constantly responding to customers’ needs 
i. Statistical Analysis/Methods, i.e. DOE 
ii. Compounds from scratch 
iii. Modified compounds from existing formulations 
iv. Tweaked compounds when slight property changes were needed by customer 
v. Reverse engineered some formulations, using heats of rxn to find optimal blends 
c. Acquired and maintained comprehensive working knowledge of color instrumentation 
d. Performed color matching (as required), color control, slurry formulation, special color related studies and experiments (placing emphasis on the quality of color critical raw materials, in-process & finished products) 
e. Tested and released color materials for production. 
f. Coordinated with, made recommendations to, and sought the direction of the Technical Manager in product development 
3. Participated in production quality control, directly as well as through the Quality Department, helping to implement quality control design functions coincident with product development 
a. SOP development and revision 
b. JSA development 
c. TWI 
4. Provided technical advice, service, or assistance, and made product recommendations to sales personnel or to customers when needed or requested. 
5. Kept current and informed of new products, ingredients, techniques, developments, etc., within the composites industry through technical literature, attendance at technical and professional meetings or seminars or contact with customers, suppliers, etc. 
6. Responded promptly to inquiries, either directly to the customer, to sales, or to the supervisor, regarding technical issues. 
7. Disposed of hazardous and non-hazardous materials according to documented procedures. 
8. Reviewed and updated Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions. 
9. Collaborated with corporate Quality and R&D groups to help implement systems for effective and prompt root cause analyses, and helping to manage corrective and preventative actions 
a. Kaizen 
i. 3P 
ii. Problem Solving 
iii. Value Stream Mapping 
b. Process FMEA 
c. 8D 
d. TPM 
10. Provided “hands-on” support to lead assigned projects to improve safety, quality, delivery and cost

C. Instructor

Arkansas State University

August 2006 to May 2016

Jonesboro/Paragould Campuses 
General Chemistry 1, General Chemistry 2, and Physical Science Instructor

E. Adjunct Instructor

Arkansas State University

January 2005 to May 2010

Campus Physical Science & Physical Science Lab Instructor

D. Part-Time Instructor

Arkansas State University

January 2006 to May 2007

Campus Physical Science & Physical Science Lab Instructor

F. Graduate Teaching Assistant

Arkansas State University

January 2004 to December 2004

Jonesboro Campus General Chemistry I & II Lab

G. Graduate Teaching Assistant

Arkansas State University

January 2004 to August 2004

Arkansas State University, 
Jonesboro Campus Organic Chemistry I & II Lab


Master of Business Administration in Logistics/Supply Chain

Arkansas State University

Jonesboro, AR

December 2015

Master of Science in Chemistry

Arkansas State University

Jonesboro, AR

August 2006

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Arkansas State University

Jonesboro, AR

December 2003


Absorption (Less than 1 year), Accounting (Less than 1 year), instrumentation (9 years), Kaizen (9 years), testing (Less than 1 year)

Additional Information

A. Work Ethic 
1. I pursue my own work with dedication, perseverance, precision, and passion. 
2. I believe in teamwork and in developing others and I further believe that empowering team members with the right tools is crucial to refining productivity and efficiency. 
3. I engage with others honestly, tactfully, respectfully, and with poise. 
B. Personal Enrichment 
1. Experience from previous positions 
a. Managing large groups of people and steering them toward stated goals 
b. Opportunities to work in multi-disciplinary teams with specific goals. 
c. Opportunities to lead and/or facilitate Kaizen events and participate in other events 
d. Was a driving force in developing a new product concept. 
2. Internal projects within previous Technical/R&D roles have resulted in tangible products 
C. Accountability 
1. Familiarity with plant and work space 
2. Understanding flow of raw materials and required labor 
3. Establishing and monitoring process and product quality 
a. Knowledge of processes 
b. Development of good workmanship 
c. Safety as a company culture and way of life 
D. Instrumentation 
1. Analytical Testing 
a. Titrations for test solutions and for equivalence determination in our day to day operation. 
b. Determination of mass loss, percent of nonvolatiles in solution 
c. Chemical reactivity, gelation temperature and cure time 
2. Physical Testing 
a. Tensile strength & tensile modulus determination 
b. Flexural strength & flexural modulus determination 
c. Percent of elongation 
d. Glass transition temperature 
e. Impact strength 
f. Adhesion testing (bond strength and substrate adhesion) 
g. Heat distortion/evolution 
h. Viscosity 
i. Thermal testing 
j. Color testing/matching 
k. Particle Analysis and Crush Strength 
l. Density and Turbidity 
3. Spectroscopy 
a. Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer (TDLAS) 
b. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) 
c. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (NMR) 
d. Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometer (UV-VIS) 
e. Gas Chromatography 
4. Supply Chain 
a. Procurement of Raw Materials 
b. Inventory Management 
c. Warehouse/Shipping Management 
5. Tax Accounting 
a. Individual and Partnership Tax 
b. Sales & Withholding Tax 
c. Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Reporting

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