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Resume Writing Example for Advertising Manager | CV Format

Garland, TX

Work Experience

Advertising Manager

K M Global , Australia


Senior Creative Director, K M Global Productions 
As creative director for all television, print and radio campaigns, I was tasked with 
casting talent, writing copy, scouting and choosing locations and adequate studio 
operations, directing the talent, editing for final print and over the air presentation. I 
provided advertising for local and international clients, including Starbucks Europe, 
Ikea Australia and productions for the Government of Western Australia. I am able to 
apply analytical processes to resolve problems. I am a driven and accomplished 
marketing, advertising and public relations professional adept at planning and 
executing successful public relation campaigns. I am a proficient program manager, 
specializing in team leadership, resource coordination and customer service. 
Executive Assistant and Estate Manager, Mortimer Zuckerman 
My duties included all aspects of staffing and managing five personal estates, two 
personal jets and a private yacht. My responsibilities included all aspects involved with 
event planning for domestic and international functions, as well as coordinating 
security for professional and political dignitaries, which required exceptional 
communication, scheduling and documentation skills. 
Senior Constable, Western Australian Police Force, Perth Western Australia 
Trained in various duties, including providing client services, support for other officers 
and officials and investigation techniques. Met all customer call guidelines including 
service levels, response times and productivity. Personally dealt with children’s needs 
maintaining confidentiality at all times, providing safety and care when required. Highly 
decorated for my service including Conduct of Excellence medal. 
Senior 1st Class Diver, Royal Australian Navy 
Provided training on all aspects of shipboard safety, security and medical emergencies 
for a compliment of 450 service members. Adhered to all guidelines for service, 
including deadlines and production levels. Investigated and resolved civilian and 
military concerns in an empathetic manner.


CUSTOMER SERVICE (Less than 1 year), IMMIGRATION (Less than 1 year), PROBLEM SOLVER (Less than 1 year), RECEPTIONIST (Less than 1 year), RETAIL SALES (Less than 1 year)

Additional Information

I am a customer service professional, a dedicated and effective team leader and 
manager. I have exceptional interpersonal communication skills, able to converse in 
German, French, Italian, Korean and some Mandarin; I also possess excellent time 
management abilities. I currently hold a State of Texas  
Customs and Immigration Green Card, enabling me to accept employment in the 
United States., I am a effective problem solver and I am available for a wide range of 
dutys / shifts, including weekends and evenings.

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