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Graduate Research Assistant

Upon Request

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Agricultural Economic Assistant

Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley, GA

February 2017 to Present

• Meet with farmers, farming associations and government agencies about health of crops, crop infestation, farm animal nutrition and disease treatment, soil enrichment and environment 
• Perform research studies on farm products such as pesticides, fertilizers, animal feeds, and cross-breeding techniques 
• Conduct information sessions, seminars and workshops with large numbers of farmers 
• Demonstrate new products or services 
• Carry out applied and field research into environmental conditions, product effectiveness and animal nutrition and health 
• Collect and analyze statistical data for the improvement of goat meat industry 
• Attend conferences and seminars on emerging technologies on farm production and breeding

Substitute Teacher

Houston County School District

Warner Robins, GA

October 2016 to Present

• Conduct small group and individual classroom activities with students based on differentiated learning needs to ensure all students are learning at full potential. 
• Employ assessment tools and proactive strategies to improve instruction methods. 
• Attend workshops centered on learning goals, classroom management, student motivation and engaging learning activities. 
• Facilitated activities that developed students’ physical, emotional and social growth. 
• Used the positive reinforcement method to redirect poor behavior. 
• Substituted for Special Education (SE) teachers in Life Skills classes and push-in collaborative classroom setting. 
• Admired by regular classroom teachers for exceptional patience and the ability to educate and relate SE students

Graduate Research Assistant

Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley, GA

September 2014 to May 2016

• Combination: Methods in Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Bio safety and Bioethics, Design of Experiments, Environmental Biotechnology, Fermentation and Enzyme Technology, Food Biotechnology, and Industrial Biotechnology. 
• Completed graduate thesis titled “Effects of Salinity on Soybean Germplasm under varying Levels of Sat Concentrations”  
• Provide research support by preparing experiments and analyzing data; perform comparative analyses from former experimental data. 
• Develop research papers for publication based on experiment results and analysis.  
• Assist research professors in biotechnology department with lab work. 
• Provide research support by preparing experiments and analyzing data; perform comparative analyses from former experimental data. 
• Develop research papers for publication based on experiment results and analysis.  
• Proficient in molecular techniques including gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE and western blot), DNA and RNA extraction, protein expression and purification, agarose gel electrophoresis , PCR (conventional, RT-PCR and Real-time) and genotyping.

Sales Associate/Cashier

Dot’s Inc. Clothing Store

Warner Robins, GA

March 2011 to July 2014

• Interfaced with customers to identify purchasing needs; recommend additional products or cost effective alternatives 
• Investigated and resolved customer complaints or issues to strengthen store reputation and grow customer retention 
Supervisor: Tabitha Wimbley, (478) 953-2264; Salary: $8.25/hour; Hours: 25

Student Receptionist for the Dean of Students Affair

Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley, GA

October 2006 to January 2011

• Provided comprehensive administrative support to faculty 
• Greeted visitors and answered busy multi-line phone system; screened phone calls and referred calls to appropriate personnel 
• Processed prepared mail for correspondence relating to recruitment 
• Provided general clerical assistance 
Supervisor: Brian Byrd, (478) 825-6211; Salary: $6.25; Hours: 15


Master of Science in Biotechnology

Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley, GA

May 2016

Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Sciences

Fort Valley State University

Fort Valley, GA

December 2013


Lima Senior High School

Lima, OH

May 2006


Proficient ability in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point (10+ years), Various lab techniques acquired: Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, Plant and Soil Biology and HPLC (2 years), Familiar with the techniques, methods and procedures used in the physical analysis of soil and plant life (4 years), Laboratory Competencies Conducted routine and spot inspections of lab materials and used sterilized techniques. Analyzed test results and drafted reports detailing findings. Updated logs and records consistently to facilitate comprehensive information for review. Calibrated equipment according to manufacturing standards and the university’s specifications. Followed all regulations and safety practices at all times. (3 years), Data Analysis and programming such as Perl and Python. (3 years)



• Advanced Biotechniques, Food Safety Biotechnology, Epidemiology & Soil Science  
• Intro to Biotechnology, Plant Pathology, General Botany & Environmental Science  
• Public Health Policy & Administration, Computational Biology & Industrial Health & Hazards Mgmt.


Effects of Salinity on Soybean Germplasm under Varying Levels of Salt Concentrations

December 2017

Soybean (Glycine max) is a legume cash crop and native of East Asia, vital for its high protein and oil content. An environmental factor such as salinity poses a threat to soybean due to salt sensitivity. Salinity is accountable for over 50% of yield reduction in affected areas. Currently, there are thousands of soybean germplasm lines in need of screening and evaluation for salinity tolerance. This study was aimed to screen soybean germplasms under varying NaCl concentrations (0, 5, 10, and 15 g/L) to identify potential tolerant donors for breeding program. The experiment was conducted in greenhouse where soybean germplasm was planted and raised in pots under controlled conditions. Salt stress was applied by watering the plants with desired salt concentration. Variable effects were observed in plant height, chlorophyll content and leaf number as salinity increased. Salinity level of 15 g/L was found to be more deleterious and resulted in complete loss of the plants. Germplasm lines PI096035 and PI096089 showed potential tolerance ability by recovering from higher salt concentrations (10 g/L) while germplasm line PI212604 was found to be the most susceptible to salt stress. Only 3 germplasm lines showed pod formation. Highest number of pods were produced by germplasm line PI096035 followed by PI090577 and PI096089 respectively. The prospective tolerant soybean lines need further field testing and validation to be recommended for breeding program.

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