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Attorney – Private Practice

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience


Private Practice

2017 to Present

Legal Advisor

Energy Commission

2016 to 2016

❖ Write regulation about topics related with energy 
❖ Advice the Commissioner about those topics.

Director, Legal Affairs Office

Department of Agriculture

2015 to 2016

Write regulations 
❖ Litigate administrative hearings 
❖ Writing bills. 
❖ Advise the Secretary of Agriculture on matters concerning the current public policy and how to achieve goals. 
Puerto Rico Supreme Court 
Legal Assistant 
Chief Justice Office, Hon. Liana Fiol Matta 
❖ December 2014 – May 2013 
❖ Write decree bills. 
❖ Write bills of opinions. 
❖ Execute recommendations for each case presented in Court. 
❖ Resolve disciplinary issues. 
❖ Resolve Jurisdiction Aids and other extraordinary issues. 
❖ Resolve administrative issues of the Court.

Legal Advisor

House of Representatives, Agriculture Committee

October 2014 to December 2014

Propose and write legislative bills concerning subjects of agriculture, natural resources and environmental affairs. 
❖ Write reports, resolutions and everything regarding to the Agriculture Committee, the Natural Resources Commission, and Environmental Affairs. 
❖ Aid the public: identify solutions to situations presented by them, and/or refer them to the appropriate agencies or institutions to obtain proper assistance.

Associate Professor

Universidad del Este

August 2014 to December 2014

Teach the following courses: Criminology, Special Criminal Law, and Introduction to Criminal Law. 
❖ Introduce students to criminal law with a forensic focus. 
❖ Evaluate students on such subjects.

Litigations Attorney

Zeno Gloró Law Office

May 2014 to October 2014

Resolve bankruptcy cases. 
❖ Execute payment plans. 
❖ Litigate at the Bankruptcy Trustee Office. 
❖ Resolve cases under Federal Bankruptcy Law chapter 7 and 13. 
❖ Develop programs broadcasted through radio: “Legal Alternatives” (Alternativas Legales)

Legal Advisor

House of Representatives, Social Welfare Committee

July 2013 to May 2014

Propose and write legislative bills on subjects such as: early childhood, the elderly, domestic violence, environmental affairs, education issues, etc. 
❖ Organize Public Hearings: contact, and arranged appointments with the speakers; write the minutes of such hearings. 
❖ Write reports, resolutions and everything in regard to the Commission on Social Welfare for the Eradication of Poverty. 
❖ Aid the public: identify solutions to situations presented by them, and/or refer them to the appropriate agencies or institutions to obtain proper assistance.


Puerto Rico Legal Services

July 2012 to June 2013

Execute initial interviews to victims of domestic violence, who are received by the Legal Services Corporation of Puerto Rico. 
❖ Research and write legal copy regarding subjects of law and rights such as: family law, housing law, visas, child support and nutrition assistance rights, and restraining orders under Law 54, and restraining orders under Law 246. 
❖ Manage and complete petitions to achieve legal residence of victims who are immigrants; which included Visa-U and Auto-Petitions, etc. 
❖ Process legal issues regarding victims of domestic violence at the District Attorney’s Office and in Court. 
❖ Assist lawyers at Legal Services Office in Río Piedras on any research processes or any other need, legal or otherwise. 
❖ Participate and lead promotion activities of the Global Justice Project for Women 
❖ Develop and participate as a facilitator on mandatory education workshops for every attorney at Legal Services of Puerto Rico. 
❖ Producer of a new collaborative agreement to alphabetize undocumented women. Such program is among Pro-Bono Link (Enlace Pro-Bono) of University of Puerto Rico’s School of Law and Legal Services of Puerto Rico. 
Toro, Colón, Mullet, Rivera & Sifre, PSC

Legal Assistant

Research upon Civil Laws

May 2012 to June 2012

such as: Mortgage Law, Obligations and Contracts, Successions and Tort Law, Environmental Law, and Labor Laws, etc. 
❖ Execute and write lawsuits, required documents, reports on case managements, sentence bills, motions of dismissals, motions of summary judgments, memorandums, among other legal documents. 
❖ Attend to Court and administrative offices with the purpose of researching or locating necessary documents for lawyer’s office’s clients. 
❖ Attend and represent the lawyer’s office at public forums such as administrative agencies and/or Puerto Rico’s Court Houses, and at Federal agencies such as: Emergency Protection Agency (EPA).

Legal Assistant

Legal Services of Puerto Rico

Arecibo, PR

June 2011 to June 2011

Research upon Civil Laws such as Family Law, Mortgage Law, Property Rights, etc. 
❖ Execute lawsuits, interrogations, memorandums, and interviews to Legal Services’ clients. 
❖ Contribute to research, write, and prepare an appeal in a Family Law case. 
❖ Assist Legal Services’ attorneys with their proceedings as litigators at Arecibo’s Court House.

Director of Artistic Development Group “Alahí”

University of Puerto Rico

Utuado, PR, US

June 2007 to May 2011

Facilitate workshops to college students with the purpose of helping them to cope with conflictive personal situations. 
❖ Produce events along with these students with the purpose of introducing them to the community.

Theater and English Teacher, and Coordinator of Activities

Proyecto CASA

June 2007 to June 2007

Theater and English Teacher, and Coordinator of Activities 
June 2007 – May 211 
❖ Plan classes and design activities whose purpose is to offer school dropout students the opportunity to acquire academic knowledge through socio-cultural experiences. 
❖ Maintain control of students and manage conflictive situations, serving as mediator between the student bodies.


Master of Public Administration in Public Administration

University of Puerto Rico

San Juan, PR


B.A. in Public Communications

School of Law

August 2010 to May 2013

Juris Doctor

University of Puerto Rico’s School of Law

San Juan, PR

May 2013

English Communications

University of Puerto Rico

San Juan, PR

August 2000 to May 2003


WESTLAW (Less than 1 year), WRITING SKILLS (Less than 1 year)


Puerto Rico Bar

I am a lawyer that is in process to take the bar of Missouri. 
I also can litigate in the federal jurisdiction.

Additional Information

❖ Excellent research and writing skills 
❖ Assertive interpersonal relations management skills 
❖ Experience on the use of legal data bases, such as: Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Microjuris 
❖ Fully bilingual: English and Spanish

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