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Resume Writing Example for Automated Logistical Specialist | CV Format

Associate – United States Army

Perris, CA

Highly trained military veteran with over five years of military experience who is dedicated and experienced in the logistical field. Very much capable of working alone as well as a member of a team. Understanding of transportation operations. Worked as a warehouse associate and an equipment records parts specialists in a motor pool. Been in supervisory positions in both instances. Qualifications include: 
➢ Proficient in Microsoft Office and Excel 
➢ Leadership Experience 
➢ Budget/ Fund Management 
➢ Team Building Skills 
➢ Microsoft Office Products

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Automated Logistical Specialist

United States Army

Fort Bragg, NC

June 2012 to Present

who handled over 1,500 parts and equipment worth over $50M in a warehouse ran by an aviation organization. 
• Monitored the issue and storage sections in the warehouse as a team leader, exceeding other colleagues for this position. 
• Determined efficient routes, confirmed arrival dates, and verified cargo types resulting in a 15% increase in on time arrivals when returning parts to receive credit. 
• Physical security of parts and equipment within the warehouse. 
• Interacting with decision makers with strong communication skills and technical skill. 
• Consolidated data from daily briefs so that reports reflect accurately. 
• Automotive Logistician supervisor for 7 organizations with over 300 automotive equipment. 
• Processed and Issued over $80,000 of automotive equipment.

Automated Logistical Specialist

United States Army


September 2014 to December 2014

• Returned over $3.4 million in equipment from Afghanistan back to US borders to refurbish. 
• Helped ran a warehouse full of aviation equipment so that whenever a bird went down we were able to have it back in the air ASAP. 
• Provided security for the organizations parts and employees. 
• Traveled between three bases to provide assistance to other facilities. 
• Processed and issued over $500,000 of aviation equipment.


High school or equivalent

Rancho Verde High School

Moreno Valley, CA

May 2008 to May 2012


Customer Service (5 years), Forklift (5 years), Inventory (5 years), Inventory Control (5 years), Customer Service (5 years), Microsoft Office (5 years), Supply Chain Management (3 years), Excel (5 years)

Military Service

Service Country: United States

Branch: Army

Rank: SPC

June 2012 to Present


Logistics Engineer

May 2017 to Present

Completion of Apprenticeship

Additional Information

➢ Problem Solving Skills 
➢ SAP Qualified

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