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Call communicator, secretarial, insurance auditor

Yukon, OK

I have had experience at my college working for Bro Legere and Bro Ross as their secretary. While as their secretary, I was responsible for answering phones, organizing, scheduling appointments, typing up documents and letters, grading papers, etc. I have also had experience working as a cashier/ apparel clerk, where my responsibilities consisted of handling money, organizing and tagging the product. I also have experience at 180 medical as a documentarion specialist, where my job was to verify insurance, aquire authorizations for needed medical supplies, set up patient accounts, and call patients to verify what supplies are needed. I am a hard worker and a fast learner, and I am willing to learn what needs to be done. I have several refrences from my previous employers.

Work Experience

Call Communicator

Feed The Children

Oklahoma City, OK

September 2009 to Present

2009 Date To: May 2013 
Duties: Solicit for donations, enter credit card information, addresses, phone numbers, name, etc into computer

Secretary, Janitorial, Cook

Oklahoma Baptist College/Windsor Hills Baptist Church

Oklahoma City, OK

August 2008 to Present

2008 Date To: May 2012 
Duties: Type up documents, answer phone, file, make appointments, research, organize, grade papers, etc.

Cashier/Apparel Clerk

Fred Meyer

Tillamook, OR

May 2007 to Present

2007 Date to: Aug 2008 
Duties: Organize, tag products, help customers, and at times cashiering.

Document Specialist

180 Medical Inc

Oklahoma City, OK

July 2013 to August 2015

Verify insurnace, aquire authorizarions for required medical supplies, set up patient accounts, verify patient information with patient, verify doctors orders when needed, verify supplies with patient, reslove any issues with patients bill, up sell better medical supplies.


High School Diploma

Ocean Breeze Baptist School

Tillamook, OR


Oklahoma Baptist College

Oklahoma City, OK


Time management, critical thinking, fast worker, typing, MS word excel and powerpoint, outlook, people oriented (8 years)

Additional Information

Key Skills: 
Organized * Dedicated team player 
• Good with people * Call center experience 
Secretarial experience * Time management 
Hard Worker * Strong problem solver 
AS/400 * Good with money 
Professional and mature * Meticulous attention to detail 

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