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Resume Writing Example for Consultant / GALAXY CONSULTING | CV Format

Laguna Niguel, CA

To obtain a permanent/contract position utilizing my wide range of skills to achieve advancement and growth 
for my employer and myself. 
Job responsibilities may include: Management/Sales/Systems & Software Design/Drivers/Graphics/ 
Areas of Expertise and Knowledge: 
C, C++, Embedded Systems, Graphics, Networking, TCP/UDP Sockets, Systems Engineering, Testing, Html, PHP, 
JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, System Admin, Java, Hands-On Test Equipment, Satellite, Radar, Sonar, GPS, 
Assembly Code, Linux and Windows

Work Experience


Laguna Niguel, CA

January 2018 to Present

Consulting services for Software Development, Integration and Testing

Chief Technology Officer


Laguna Niguel, CA

September 2016 to December 2017

System R&D for Video and Audio applications including IPTV research using Consumer Off the Shelf set-top box 


Irvine, CA

June 2015 to June 2016

DevOps R&D for prototyping, packaging and virtualizing a financial processing production system using bash, 
vmware, virtual-box, puppet, C++, python, postgres, php, apache, javascript, java, ruby, perl and html

Chief Technology Officer


Laguna Niguel, CA

June 2011 to December 2014

– Bash scripts using Gstreamer for transcoding 
– R&D for Live TV, Streaming, cross-platform front end, Linux and Windows targets

Senior Software Engineer


Lake Forest, CA

April 2000 to April 2011

Systems Software development and integration for In-Flight Entertainment applications. Instrumental in porting 
Linux to the System Hardware and providing in-house Linux support. 
– Contributed to major success on S3000, efx and ex2 products 
– Development, integration, system testing, troubleshooting, analysis, SCM and supervised 3rd party vendors and test group 
– Ported Xorg Graphics Driver to custom platform 
– Wrote C Xorg input driver for USB handset, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and serial handset 
– Added input driver record/playback feature to capture and reproduce bugs 
– Modified bios for custom graphics mode 
– Modified jffs and ethernet kernel drivers 
– Contributed to C++ Seat API 
– Wrote C++ code generator from simplified API script 
– Evaluated QT running on PAC hardware with Trolltech engineer 
– Wrote custom scripts, makefiles and performed system and kernel builds 
– Configured, built and installed Apache, Squid and PHP to custom server hardware 
– Wrote web based content using HTML, Javascript and PHP 
– Performed system administration for development and lab 
– Configured dhcpd, iptables and tftpboot scripts for custom client hardware 
– Used virtual machines for simulating custom hardware 
– Used virtual machines for building software using specific toolchains 
– Contributed to Software Requirements and Design Documents 
– Supported test group and 3rd party vendors, including 2d and 3d game support 
– Used SCM tools including CVS, git and synergy 
– Created custom graphics using gimp 
– Technical liaison for contractors implementing a web browser C++/JavaScript IFE interface

Senior Software Engineer / DISNEY

Anaheim, CA

January 1999 to March 2000

Splash Mountain Photo System and Vehicle logging software development. Instrumental in using Unix 
knowledge to build a complex Splash Mountain Photo code base. 
– Designed and coded an MFC C++ Windows based Vehicle logging program 
– Designed and coded an MFC C++ GUI for a ride simulation front end with a PLC back end 
– Maintained Splash Mountain Photo software built using CVS on SGI computers


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Urbana-Champaign, IL

Software Engineering Methods

University of Southern California

Irvine, CA
Pennsylvania State University

Microwave Circuit Design

University of California

Los Angeles, CA

Swedish Grammar and Conversation

University of Stockholm
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