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Resume Writing Example for Customer service and Hosting | CV Format

Customer service and Hosting

Capistrano Beach, CA

I am a responsible employee dedicated to high level customer satisfaction and meeting my 
workplace goals. I am hardworking and can contribute several good and helpful qualities to my 
team and I am capable of maintaining a neat workspace at all times.

Work Experience

Customer service and Hosting

Brandy Melville

Santa Cruz, CA

June 2016

I work at the front counter greeting and welcoming customers as well as seating them at tables on our patio or in the dining room. I answer the phone and direct customers calls to the manager’s office or answer any questions they might have. Customer service is huge part of my 
job. I am the first and last thing customers see, so I always put on a smile and make them feel at home.

Key holder and visuals manager

Brandy Melville

San Jose, CA

April 2016

On a day to day basis, being a key holder, I task the sales associates and zone them do specific 
areas of the store. I ring up customers and take any questions they have while I fold clothes on the tables and perfect the stores visuals. Another thing I get to do is visulas, which is making the 
walls and tables tell a color story.


Saddleback College

Mission Viejo, CA

August 2017 to Present

High school Diploma in General Education

Soquel High School

Soquel, CA

June 2015

Additional Information

● Customer service ● Organized 
● Active learning ● Cleanliness 
● Complex problem solving ● Honest 
● Design ● Take initiative

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