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Resume Writing Example for Customer Service Client Specialists | CV Format

Customer Service Client Specialists

La Vergne, TN

Work Experience

Customer Service Client Specialists

PTS of America

Nashville, TN

2008 to 2011

Nashville, Tennessee 
exceptional follow-up Customer Service Client Specialists 
2008 to 2011 
• Expertise in resolving • Interact with customers via phone to enter order data, answer questions and resolve 
escalated customer service issues as necessary 
issues • Ensure each order type is entered correctly and all prisoner documentation has been 
correctly received


Bachelor of Science in management

Middle Tennessee State

Nashville, TN

2011 to Present


EXCEL (Less than 1 year), LIAISON (Less than 1 year), MARKETING (Less than 1 year), MARKETING DEPARTMENT (Less than 1 year), MICROSOFT EXCEL (Less than 1 year)

Additional Information

issues, and adding, deleting or reassigning products from driver routes 
• Process orders for route drivers for approximately 50 routes a day to including 
• Over 20 years’ experience in Opryland, Sam’s Club and Starbucks ordering 
Customer Service • Maintain and track all special orders to ensure customer satisfaction 
• Created a Customer Compliant and Resolution Report where all customer complaints 
• Excellent ability to perform and issues and steps to correct are documented 
multiple functions • Present and discuss Customer Complaint and Resolution Report to all executives and 
simultaneously in a fast-paced supervisor at monthly meeting 
environment • Responsible for totaling the customer payments and making deposits daily 
• Maintain and organize the inventory of office supplies 
• Basic computer skills • Cooperate with Planning Department to enhance timely pick-up and delivery to 
including Microsoft Office ensure customer satisfaction 
System (including Microsoft • Liaison between customer, Marketing Department and Executive Management on 
Word, Microsoft Excel, and escalated customer issues and special circumstances 
Microsoft Outlook) • Collaborate with Marketing Department on identifying areas for new customers, 
pricing strategies and concerns for RFP/Bid opportunities

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