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Develop, lead

Charlotte, NC

Possesses strong people/project management, creative problem solving skills and the ability make thoughtful; educated decisions. Resourceful in the completion of team based projects and effective in leading others through multiple task. Capable of creating, planning, mobilizing, and executing initiatives for development and awareness of brand. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Work Experience

Develop, lead

Cornerstone Church Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

November 2015 to January 2018

cast, and execute vision for college outreach 
• Strategic plan production, execution, & implementation 
• Build & design leadership structure 
• Plan, organize, & facilitate special events for CSULB 
• Hires, trains, & supervises college outreach staff (directors, interns, volunteers) 
• Perform administrative duties such as filing, typing, and copying documents 
• Responsible for oversight management of strict budget, prepared expense reports, & financial statements

Manager of Short-term programs & Special events

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, CA

January 2015 to October 2015

6 Month Term) 
• Hired and trained student volunteers and part-time workers for short term program delivery 
• Recruited and trained International Enrollment Ambassadors who assisted in campus tours 
• Assisted with efforts to translate marketing materials for international use (4 languages) 
• Developed and implemented marketing initiatives to increase international student enrollment and the brand of APU in targeted regions on a short-term basis 
• Coordinated the representation and promotion of APU at various local/international school fairs, conferences, public relations events, and other internal and external promotional activities relevant to student recruitment. 
• Developed and maintained professional working relationships with support staff, faculty, directors, and department chairs of the programs represented to enhance quality customer service, and advance departmental enrollment goals. 
• Travel for recruitment and professional program development purposes

Pastor In Residence

Fellowship Monrovia Church

Monrovia, CA

January 2014 to December 2014

1 Year Term) 
• Project oversight, coordinate & arrange meetings, prepare agendas and other related confidential correspondence documents 
• Organize/lead volunteer recruitment and development 
• Organize/lead usher recruitment and development 
• Performed other duties as assigned by the SVP and Chief of Staff

Worship Pastor

Mission Ebenezer Family Church

Carson, CA

March 2012 to November 2013

Carson, CA, March 2012 – November 2013 
Pastor of Worship 
• Oversee music team (5 staff, 9 volunteer team leaders, 200+ active participants) 
• Performed administrative duties such as filing, typing, and copying, faxing, preparing documents 
• Schedule/facilitate rehearsals, meetings (group/individual), and fellowship events. Coordinate and arrange meeting notes, prepare agendas and other related documents 
• Compose and prepare confidential correspondence, reports, presentations, spreadsheets and other documents

Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator

Central South Distribution

Inglewood, CA

September 2007 to February 2012

• Reported directly to CEO. Traveled with CEO representing the brand. Coordinated timely arrival and attendance to marketing meetings and brand events. Ensure meeting attendees, phone conference bridges, etc., are on time and in place prior to attendees arrival and meeting start time 
• Performed administrative duties such as filing, typing, and copying documents 
• Coordinate and arrange meetings, prepare agendas and other related documents. Compose and prepare confidential correspondence, reports, presentations, spreadsheets and other documents. 
• Utilized computer skills including MS Office (Word, Excel & Outlook) 
• Coordinated daily use of a variety of computer systems including Mediabase, BDS, Soundscan, MPS/PRS, as well as various streaming entities for market research purposes 
• Performed specific duties as Marketing Coordinator 
• Developed plans based on marketing analytics 
• Lead strategist for consumer awareness through brand development 
• Ensure that marketing proposals are submitted, signed, and approved before budget is approved 
• Leading voice for internal collaboration with various departments across multiple brands 
• Updated the Marketing Status Sheet and Artist Marketing Promotion Calendar (Facilitated weekly conference call to keep pertinent parties informed of this information) 
• Managed relationship with advertisers, corporations, and vendors for brand positioning and development. 
• Coordinate development of marketing strategies across digital platforms 
• Worked closely with the various label marketing administration teams to make sure all marketing invoices from vendors were executed in a timely manner

Office Assistant/Marketing & Promotion Merchant Coordinator

Gospo-Centric Records (Sony BMG/Zomba

Los Angeles, CA

May 2005 to June 2007

• Answered phones, scheduled conference calls, greeted all incoming guests, and managed inventory stock room 
• Tour support coordinator for Marketing and Promotion project 
• Lead project assistant to SVP of Radio Promotion for multiple artist national radio campaign 
• Prepared confidential documents Managed daily office 
• Prepared budgets, expense reports, & financial statements 
• Built and maintained relationships with the artists, management, creative departments, as well as executives within Sony Music 
• Coordinate marketing & promotional rep conference calls, for education and awareness of various promotion campaigns and initiatives 
• Establish grassroots plan to develop & maintain relationship with local retailers to distribute promotional materials 
• Oversee distribution of merchandise displays & POP materials in participating retail stores 
• Coordinate meetings with radio stations & programmers to distribute singles, materials to promote airplay 
• Distribute promotional items at events, concerts, artist appearances 
• Coordinate label promotion merchants in markets across US 
• Look for other creative promotional opportunities for regional impact throughout US major markets 
• Provide information about overall market activity based on research with an emphasis on consumer analysis 
• Provided detailed reports for ROI analysis – used provided forms


MA in Leadership & Organization Studies

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, CA


BA in Sociology

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, CA


High School Diploma in Sociology

Azusa Pacific University

Downey, CA


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