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Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist – Federal Bureau of Prisons

El Paso, TX

Meticulous, dependable professional seeking a position with a company where my military experience, physical fitness skills, educational background and ability to communicate effectively with others will contribute greatly to the Company.

Work Experience

Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Anthony, TX

June 2013 to Present

Hours Worked: 40 hours per week 
Professional Experience  
Federal Bureau of Prisons 06/2013 to Present 
Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist, FCI La Tuna 
• Facilitate groups of up to 96 inmates about Criminal Thinking, Criminal Lifestyle, Parenting and Grief.  
• Coordinate committees to help inmates with career development, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and unit enhancement. 
• Conduct psychosocial interview and document psychosocial history into the Psychology Data System.  
• Manage a caseload of 24 inmates. Develop personal treatment plans for inmates on my caseload and update behavioral progress every 60 days. Develop well written treatment summaries for inmates preparing to be reintegrated back into society.  
• Organize transition ceremonies, job fairs, guest speakers and presentations for Executive Staff. 
• Organize mass searches of the housing unit and inmates living quarters. I work closely with the Special Investigating Supervisor to collect intelligence on monetary transfers between inmates, introduction of contraband, and I help identify gang members.  
• Perform preliminary research of raw intelligence data and upload the information into TRUVIEW for correctional staff review. 
• Developed curriculum and syllabus for several interactive learning groups including social skills, social psychology, social pressure, family conflict, relationships and reentry success. 
• Developed group rules that clearly state participation and assignment expectations. 
• Ensure that all group content is appropriate for the groups and classes that are being facilitated and made adjustment when necessary.

Senior Officer

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Anthony, TX

July 2009 to June 2013

Hours worked: 40 hours per week 
• Monitored housing units with up to 300 inmates. Monitored controlled movement of up to 1,000 inmates.  
• As a first responder, I responded to disturbances within the institution such as assaults or inmate fights. I restrained inmates using handcuffs conducted interviews of the victims, aggressors and any witnesses to the disturbance. 
• Secured crime scenes of assaults and gathered evidence. Completed BP-A0843, Chain of Custody form when transferring the evidence to the Special Investigating Supervisor.  
• I worked closely with the investigations department to identify Security Threat Groups and validate known and active gang members  
• Prepared presentation on narcotics that are popular within the institution and how the contraband was being introduced into the institution.  
• Documented daily activities in TRUSCOPE and used TRUVIEW to gather intelligence to deter the introduction of contraband.  
• As the Control Center Officer I maintained a perpetual log of daily activities and maintained institutional inmate accountability using the SENTRY program. I used my interpersonal skills to interact with outside law enforcement agencies and family members calling to get information about their loved ones.  
• As the Compound Officer I ensured I was flexible to different situations and able to adapt to different situations that required a quick situational evaluation and used my sound decision making skills to make the appropriate decision. I used my assertive communication skills when interacting with non-compliant inmates and responding staff.  
• As an assistant leader on the Disturbance Control Team, I helped newer officers learn different baton techniques, building entry techniques, munitions and formation movement.  
• Certified in prisoner transportation and qualified annually with handgun and M-16 rifle.


El Paso County, Texas

El Paso, TX

January 2009 to July 2009

Hours worked: 40 hours per week 
• Interviewed defendants being charged with criminal offenses such as: Possession of Controlled Substance, Indecency with a Child, Theft, Assault, Driving While Intoxicated and Murder. 
• I documented the information and communicated it both orally and verbally to the assigned attorneys.  
• I communicated with Judges, Bailiffs, Police and Probation Officers about defendant behaviors and whereabouts.  
• I contacted family members of those defendants who reside in other countries and informed them of their family members’ situation. I documented all conversations in the defendant’s file and discussed conversations with attorneys.  
• I ensured that defendants were aware of their rights and due process.

Clerk, El Paso County, Texas

El Paso County

El Paso, TX

February 2008 to January 2009

Position: Collection Specialist 
Hours worked: 40 hours per week 
• Evaluated financial situation for defendants owing monies to County, District, Jury and Justice of the Pease Courts. 
• Collected payments towards court costs, restitution, fines and attorneys fees. 
• Maintained and organized a case load of roughly 500 cases.  
• Audited other collectors’ files to ensure that they were documenting their attempts to collect and following up with defendants. I reported mistakes found to the office manager and made changes to those fines and fees that were improperly assessed.  
• I assigned cases to collectors throughout the department and maintained a log of collectors’ caseloads.

Mental Health Technician

El Paso County, Texas

El Paso, TX

July 2006 to February 2008

Hours worked: 40 hours per week 
• Assisted with treatment and group therapy to patients suffering with Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders. 
• Discussed different coping techniques such as motivational enhancement, contingency management, cognitive behavioral techniques and relapse prevention. 
• Facilitated groups on how to approach and cope with dysfunctional emotions and discussed the importance of not over generalizing thoughts. 
• Intervened with patients dealing with suicidal ideations, depression, bipolar disorder. I restrained these patients until more staff arrived and medical staff evaluated them.  
• Worked the acute unit and was responsible for over 60 patients.  
• Gave daily report to oncoming shift and discussed the nights events, new patients, and any information that was pertinent.  
• Maintained the ability to adapt to situations where patients became aggressive or suicidal. Made quick, sound decisions, in an attempt to avoid injuries, damage to property or loss of life.

Patriot Crewmember

United States Army

Fort Bliss, TX

2003 to 2006

Hours worked: 40+ hours per week 
• Responsible for operating, maintaining and guarding over $5 million worth of United States Government equipment.  
• Assured all equipment was combat ready and ensured that all preventive maintenance was being conducted.  
• Supervised soldiers in an air defense unit and provided safety briefings and guidance to soldiers in the unit.  
• As a member of the Reconnaissance Survey Operation Position team, I provided reconnaissance that would help the unit emplace safely and quickly when relocating to a new site.  
• Assisted with the development and emplacement of the Army’s first NASAMS launcher site in the Nation’s Capital. 
• Worked closely with engineers to develop the operating and identify sites to emplace launchers.  
• Organized and planned the layout of the sites and developed teams that would man the sites. 
• Briefed senior officials on the mission, which supported Operation Noble Eagle, and gave presentations to executive officials on mission progress. 
• Developed contingency plans to address catastrophic events should they have risen.  
• Distinguished honor graduate of advanced individual training class.


Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice

University of Phoenix

El Paso, TX

July 2010 to Present

Post Masters Online Teaching Certificate in Psychology

Walden University


August 2015 to September 2017


El Paso Community College

El Paso, TX


Master of Science in Psychology

University of Phoenix

Military Service

Service Country: United States

Branch: Army

Rank: E-4, Specialist

March 2003 to March 2006

As a PATRIOT crew member I was responsible for operating, maintaining and guarding over $5 million worth of United States Government property. I assured that all equipment was combat ready at all times. I supervised soldiers in a Patriot Air Defense Unit and gave safety talks and provided guidance for new soldiers in the unit. I talked with soldiers who tested positive for illegal drugs and gave them guidance on what kind of changes they could make after being given a second chance by the United States Army. I coached soldiers who were preparing for separation from the United States Army on how to find employment and coached them on interviewing skills. I helped soldiers prepare their resumes and helped them contact potential employers prior to their separation. I evaluated soldiers on different exercises such as missile reload and evaluated how eel they knew the techniques of their positions. I contacted family members and asked that they would support the soldiers on his or her way out of the military. I was a key player in a unit deployment to Yuma, Arizona, where my squad was awarded the record for fast missile reload in brigade history. As an RSOP (Reconnaissance, Survey. Operation Position) member, I went out with a squad of 5 soldiers and one Officer and provided reconnaissance, surveyed and emplaced sites to set up a unit. I assisted with the development and emplacement of one of the Army’s first-ever NASAMS launcher sites, namely, the New Integrated Air Defense Weapon System in the Nation’s Capital in support of Operation Noble Eagle. As a crewmember, I worked closely with engineers and developers to develop the operating system which controlled the launchers and launcher control systems. It was a complex program that I helped implement and at times, I managed the activities and exercises that soldiers ran to ensure that the program was efficient and that the controllers were efficient in its operation. I also worked closely with engineers and developers to develop, create and evaluate the policies of how to emplace the complex system both physically and remotely. I worked with senior officials of the United States Army and Department of Defense in maintaining privacy policies and briefed top officials on how different sites operated. I worked closely with Army officials on developing contingency plans, both short and long range, and reported what findings to supervisors. I often briefed and presented information to Congressmen, Senators and other top officials who visited the different sites. I helped create a schedule of how soldiers’ shifts would work to ensure that staffing levels were accurate and all sites were covered. I also maintained an emergency contact schedule for engineers in the event that systems went down beyond the control of soldiers on shift. I worked jointly with the Air Force and Navy coordinating the sites. I installed lights, communication lines and security where system was emplaced. I worked closely with other agencies, including Military Police, Secret Service and Pentagon Police to develop contingency plans for all of the sites that includes reaction plans to terrorism both foreign and domestic. I trained soldiers from the Roswell National Guard on how to gather intelligence on their certain sites and provided the necessary information to report the information to the proper authorities and channels. I met regularly with military leaders, politicians and department heads of law enforcement agencies and presented my developed plans for approval and training purposes. I was named the Distinguished Honor Graduate in my Advanced Individual Training course.


• Distinguished Honor Graduate- United States Army- August 2003
• Certificate of Achievement- United States Army- August 2003
• Certificate of Achievement- United States Army- February 2004
• Army Achievement Medal- May 2004
• Certificate of Appreciation- Raytheon- November 2005
• Army Commendation Medal- September 2005
• Army Achievement Medal- October 2005
• Army Achievement Medal- November 2005
• Army Commendation Medal- December 2005


Letter of Commendation

December 2013

I received a Letter of Commendation for providing support to the Psychology Department and helping the department earn a rating of Superior during program review.

Quality Step Increase (QSI)

April 2015

I received a Quality Step Increase after receiving and overall rating of Outstanding from my supervisor for the year.

Special Act Award

July 2016

I received a Special Act Award for developing an interactive group on Social Pressure that was recognized by the Regional Psychology Treatment Program Coordinator during re-certification of my departments Modified Therapeutic Community.

Special Act Award

December 2016

I received a Special Act Award after taking charge of the Residential Drug Abuse Program while my supervisor was on leave.

Quality Step Increase

June 2017

Quality Step Increase for outstanding performance for he 2016 rating period.

Additional Information

● Proficient in WordPerfect, Word, Outlook 2003, Internet, Transcription, Power Point, Excel 
● Excellent interpersonal skills, phone manners, and office etiquette 
● Strong analytical and organizational skills 
● Detail oriented, adhere to deadlines, and able to work with minimal supervision 
● Open-minded team player

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