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Effective leader, decision maker, and communicator

Laramie, WY

To garner practical work experience.

Work Experience

Effective leader, decision maker, and communicator

Wilderness First Responder

2018 to January 2018

January 2018 
Wilderness First Responder Certification 
• Obtained practical knowledge in identifying and treating illness and/or injury under difficult conditions, especially in environments with limited supplies that often require improvisation 
• Effective leader, decision maker, and communicator in stressful times. 
• Obtained practice in extended patient-care situations where rescue is unavailable or unlikely. 
• Practiced in using medical techniques including: 
◦ Performing a head-to-toe physical examination 
◦ Taking vitals 
◦ Reducing some dislocations (anterior shoulder, digits, patellar, and jaw). 
◦ Use of traction-in-line to set open fractures. 
◦ Administration of intramuscular injections of insulin using both a syringe and an auto-injector. 
◦ Administration of nitroglycerin prescribed for treatment of angina. 
◦ Use of splinting and immobilization techniques for both useable and non-useable injuries. 
◦ Performing a Focused Spine Assessment

Summer and Winter Assistant

April 2017 to June 2017

• Supervised and assisted patients as they engaged in their therapy 
• Assisted patients’ transition between therapy types as well as different therapy machines 
• Maintained some patient appointment scheduling 
• Updated office computer system and internet connection

Teacher’s Assistant/Research Assistant

August 2016 to December 2016

• Helped with scheduling participants for various research studies 
• Collected and graded tests and homework 
• Organized and prepared data for analysis 
• Collected and input data from research subjects 
• Proctored exams 
• Introduced and oversaw the implementation of research protocols

Coast Hand Therapy

2013 to December 2013

June-August; Dec. 2014 
June-August; Dec. 2015 
June-August;Dec. 2016


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

University of Mississippi

December 2016


Microsoft Office (10+ years), Medical Terminology (5 years), Communications (6 years), Scheduling (4 years), Hand Tools (7 years)

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