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family nurse practitioner – Arlington Minor Urgent Care

Lewisville, TX

Work Experience

family nurse practitioner

Arlington Minor Urgent Care

December 2016 to Present

Nurse leader and received the nurse practitioner of the year

family nurse practitioner

Arlington Minor Urgent Care

November 2016 to Present

Registered Nurse

Surgical Intensive Care

Mesquite, TX

1999 to Present


Family nurse practitioner student, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Downer

Hospitalist-Dallas Regional Medical Center

Dallas, TX

June 2016 to November 2016

area including: 
Premier Care Physician, comprehensive care to population of all ages. Providing primary care, case management and medication management. 
Deleon’s Women’s Clinic, Obstetric care and gynecology care, podiatry and ophthalmologic to women of child bearing age. Provide gynecologic exams and colposcopy services and sexual transmitted disease screening and treatment 
St, Francis Pediatric Clinic, taking pediatric history and physical assessment skills, infections disease problem, pediatric cardiology issues, fluids and electrolytes, pediatric emergencies and growth issues. 
Mesquite family clinic, take patient histories and perform assessments, order and review results of diagnostic tests, interpret 12lead EKGs and laboratory results. Make diagnoses, prescribe treatment regimens, and monitor efficacy of treatment. Provide health education and preventive services. 
Southwest neurology clinic: identify physiologic changes associated with aging, cognitive impairment, dementia, depression, anxiety, acute and chronic pain management, malnutrition, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and various terminal cancers.

Full time employment

Intensive Care Unit

Oklahoma City, OK

1988 to 1999

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104. 
Job Responsibilities 
Take histories and perform ongoing assessments of physical and mental status. Coordinate patient care, social work referrals and outpatient treatment. Administer medications; preform 12 leads EKG, venous and arterial blood drawn, IV line maintenance and insertion, wound care, management of ventilator, balloon pump and hemodynamic monitoring. Provide patient education and explain discharge instructions. 
Procedure Diagnoses 
Critical care ABG Asthmas Acne psoriasis, pediatric 
IV therapy 12 leads EKG Chronic illness Ventilator dependency 
Venipuncture X-ray COPD ETOH withdrawal 
Rapid response Insertion of lines Hypertension Substance addiction 
Splint suture Diabetes Atrial fibrillation 
Hypertension Congested Heart Failure Hypothyroidism weight loss 
I am a certified Family Nurse Practitioner both through American Academy Nurse Practitioner and American Nurses Credential Center in April 2016. In my Family Nurse Practitioner rotation, I performed full physical exam, ordered labs, diagnostics, and medications. I managed a variety of illness including chronic mental illness, age appropriate preventive care, pelvic exam, pediatric care, and family planning.


Doctor of Nursing Practice in Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Downers Grove, IL

June 2018

Master of Science in Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Downers Grove, IL

December 2015

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Oklahoma City University School of Nursing

Oklahoma City, OK

May 1988


Urgent Care, Primary Care
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