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Cahokia, IL

My experience is over 12 years in Janitorial Maitanence includes operations of Machines,salution mixing,minor electrical,plumbing and carpentry. 
With my recent employment I have cut fruits and vegetables for on the go containers,organization,dating and stocking of produce.

Willing to relocate to: Belleville, IL – Waterloo, IL – Columbia, IL

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Grocery Associate

Shop N Save

Cahokia, IL

November 2016 to Present

Cut fruits and vegetables for ready to eat packs and trays,remove unappealing and deteriorating produce and fill with fresh product.Once a week also work in grocery stocking and facing shelves,move product from bays and unloading trailers with Power Jacks and Lifts,cleaning restrooms

Night Matainence

Shnucks Markets

Cahokia, IL

March 1999 to February 2006

Cleaning and mataining the sales floors and some departments with the proper cleaners.Some basic electrical and plumbing. Use of equipment such as scrubber machine and propain buffer.Some stocking shelves and bagging. 
Kept the store in a presently manor at all times. 
Skills Used 
organization, planning,inventory ,communication, prioratizing, listening

Display Technician

Service One Specialist

Mount Prospect, IL

April 2001 to May 2002

To display and check stock of products.Build display frame if needed.  
Skills Used 
Repetitive lifting, reading plan o grams and mesuring.

Press Grill Cook


Cahokia, IL

January 1999 to March 1999

Cooking select meats on a press grill also while mataining a clean and a safe work enviroment.

Night Porter


Cahokia, IL

February 1995 to October 1998

Clean the sales floors, reastrooms offices and carpets.Some plumbing and electrical. Help with stocking and assembley of product display.Ordering cleaning supplies. 
Skills Used 
Reading instructions,budgetting, listening , planning and initiative


Cahokia Senior High

Cahokia, IL

1988 to 1991


Inventory Control,Basic Carpentry, Basic Math,Product Assembly and Customer Service

Additional Information

Unemployment timeline has do with family and personal matters and I will gladly elaborate if asked in interview.

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