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Home-Based, Therapist-Assisted, Therapy – SGN Nanopharma at USF Connect

Tampa, FL

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Work Experience

Home-Based, Therapist-Assisted, Therapy

SGN Nanopharma at USF Connect

May 2018 to Present

May 2018 – present 
• Made cannabinoid and hair loss nanoformulations using micellar nanoparticle technology and performed human skin diffusion experiments 
Authored Publications/Abstracts: 
• Home-Based, Therapist-Assisted, Therapy for Young Children with Primary Complex Motor Stereotypies (Accepted; In Press) – Singer H.S, Rajendran S, Waranch H.R., Mahone E.M

Neurology Staff

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

July 2016 to January 2018

Research Head: Dr. Harvey Singer 
• Researched motor stereotypies in patients and deer mice. Used HPLC and stereology methods to analyze differences in brain morphology and 
neurochemistry. Acted as clinical study coordinator and managed clinical data.

Molecular Psychiatry Staff

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

June 2015 to May 2016

Research Head: Dr. Atsushi Kamiya 
• Researched underlying molecular mechanisms for schizophrenia as well as other major mental disorders. We focused on DISC1 
and its association with the pre-frontal cortex. I assumed the role of lab manager as well as research technician, assisting multiple post-docs run biochemical 
and behavioral experiments as well as overlooking all lab duties. Assisted with 
the In-Utero Electroporation surgery of mice, in addition to the mating and maintenance of approximately 100 cages and 9 different colonies. 
Techniques learned: Use of cryostat, handling and caring of mice, mice brain 
extraction + separation, western blotting, immunohistochemistry, budgeting, 
scheduling of meetings, and other functions

Research Head

Moffitt Cancer Center

June 2012 to March 2014

Dr. Srikumar Chellappan 
Lung Cancer Drug Discovery- 
• Examining the role of nicotine in regulating survival and stemness of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer cells. 
Techniques learned: cell culture, western blotting, MTT assays, Brdu assays, cell migration assays, data analysis 
Summer 2012 -Spring 2014

Research Head

Research Knowledge

June 2013 to August 2013

Dr Srikumar Chellappan 
• Assessing the role Hippo Signaling Pathway plays in NSCLC 
(Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer). Conducted MTTs and Western Blot 
analysis over a 10 week period.


Masters in Biotechnology in Biotechnology

Johns Hopkins University

2017 to 2019

Biomedical Sciences

University of South Florida

2011 to 2014

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