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Resume Writing Example for Human Resource Intern | CV Format

Dallas, TX

Human Resources Development major looking to apply current knowledge and gain more experience in a new industry through a full-time position in recruiting, human resources, and/or management.

Work Experience

Human Resource Intern

Plano, TX

August 2017 to Present

• Represented the company at the annual Store Director Conference and gained exposure to the company’s direction for the future from financial, human resource, marketing, merchandising, and operational perspectives. 
• Initiate contact with candidates regarding various open positions within the home office. 
• Organize interview schedules for candidates. 
• Schedule and participate in phone calls in order to discuss the candidates’ interview schedules and answer any questions. 
• Served as part of the Team Member Care center to facilitate problem resolution regarding the recently integrated HRIS. 
• Assist payroll in paycheck discrepancies by logging hours and creating time sheets for system upload. 
• Facilitate organization and execution of annual wellness fair by planning schedule and booking vendors.

Personal Assistant

Strempek Dental Arts

Dallas, TX

June 2016 to August 2016


The Hospitality Sweet

Dallas, TX

May 2016 to June 2016

Human Resource Intern

MultiView, Inc

Irving, TX

July 2014 to May 2015

Researched and designed online 6-month and 1-year stay interviews. Increased efficiency of acquiring and analyzing feedback from current employees. Gathered information to determine 
trends in the responses of employees. 
• Created exit interview so HR may receive comparative feedback and influence necessary changes 
in the company. 
• Researched and designed behavior-based interviews in order to maximize productive 
conversations and evaluate best fit for position. 
• Assisted with promotion of wellness event by setting up the room and vendor booths, greeting 
guests, and explaining the process of visiting the booths and participating in raffle. Hosted 150+ 
employees and 6-7 insurance provider companies. Provided employees with better understanding of benefits offered by company. 
• Organized 401K provider materials to create storage space, ensure retention compliance, and 
prepare for the annual audit. 
• Scanned and organized employee visa documents to further employee’s process in receiving work 
• Performed I-9 audit by organizing the documents in chronological order and discarding outdated 
documents. Ensured compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. 
• Assisted the recruiting department by entering applicants into PCRecruiter, managing job 
postings on career center pages of various universities, scheduling phone interviews, and participating in phone and in-person interviews for sales and HR positions. 
• Managed PTO on daily basis by receiving email requests, entering requests into ADP, verifying 
discrepancies, and organizing weekly and monthly reports. Created accurate portrayal of employee’s hours in office for payroll purposes. 
• Served as a representative of MultiView at career fair by explaining the company’s mission, 
values, and purpose to potential Business Media Sales Specialists. 
• Created instructions and designed PTO Management training PowerPoint and presented to HR 
Management to assist with the rollout of an automated platform in ADP. Aided in the process of transferring PTO management responsibilities from HR to sales management team. 
• Assisted Director of Recruitment in creating an attrition and retention report, including date of hire, date of termination (if applicable), institute of education, and degree earned. Demonstrated 
attrition/retention trends within company to serve as an indicator for future adjustments made in recruitment process.


Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Development

Texas A & M University-College Station

College Station, TX

December 2017


ADP (Less than 1 year), Microsoft Office (Less than 1 year), MS OFFICE (Less than 1 year)

Additional Information

• Microsoft Office 
• ADP Workforce Now 
• Proficiency in the Spanish language

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