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Human Resources Manager


Work Experience

Human Resources Manager

Palm Springs

1984 to March 2013

Dear Sir/Madam 
I am an employee of Engen Oil and fulfil a role of a driver for years. Given the length of service within the company, I believe I have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to take on a more senior role such as driver instructor. 
I have shown dedication towards my responsibilities as a driver and have improved both personally and professionally. I have grown as an individual and believe that I have performed with excellence during the years of service as a driver. 
Allowing me to serve as a driver instructor will not only prove my abilities but it will further grow me to becoming a real asset to the company who will add value to the organisation and embrace its culture. 
I trust that this letter will be taken into consideration in my quest to fulfilling a meaningful and successful career with Engen. 
Yours Sincerely 
EM Sibaya (Mr.)



2004 to 2007

Contact Person: Riaan 
Contact Details: 082 553 3161


Freight Dynamic

2002 to 2003

Contact Person: HRD 
Contact Details: 011 330 6714 
323 Rose str 
Section K 


Professional Driver Academy


Maqeke Secondary School


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