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Sr. Research Assistant-Laboratory Animal Medical Husbandry Supervisor – University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

Obtained Associates in Psychology in 2013, currently finishing BA. Worked nine years in Animal research at the University of Cincinnati. Three years as Laboratory Animal Husbandry Supervisor. I am dedicated and passionate about my work and desire an environment that will allow me to progress as well as the company. I am a quick learner, a team player and adapt well to new tasks and technology.

Work Experience

Lab Technician Engineered Materials


January 2017 to Present

• Perform chemical and physical tests for the Research and Development Pipeline Team. Help manufacturer and develop new polymers and other materials.  
• Maintain compliance using ASTM and ISO standards. This applies to the aerospace, automotive, consumer, medical and defense industries, amongst others. 
• Understanding the capabilities and limitations of each material, record the measurements and results and ensure accuracy of the data. 
• Research and develop projects and new test fixtures to perform non-standardized testing 
• Testing includes but is not limited to:  
o Mechanical- tensile, flexural, shear, poission ratio and compressive properties 
o Physical – density, hardness, multiaxial index and scratch resistance  
o Thermal- DSC,HDT, DTUL and Vicat Softening Points 
o Rheological-rotational, melt flow rate/index and DSV 
o Weathering and Chemical Resistance testing- UV, temperature, humidity, repeated sterilization and environmental impact 
o Adhesion property testing 
o Flammability testing to industry standards, including automotive, aerospace and building specifications 
o Electrical testing- surface and volume testing, comparative tracking index (CTI), electric static decay 
o Validation and comparative data testing.  
o Perform a variety of testing for chemical exposure specimens  
o Microscope- Shrinkage testing on both annealed and non-annealed plaques, short fiber length analysis.  
o Quality control testing of production material 
• Fulfill internal and external customer parts requests  
• Communicate with research and development staff to coordinate project tasks

Lead Drug Lab Practitioner

Talbert House

Cincinnati, OH

April 2014 to April 2017

• Manage all aspects of lab processes and procedures, provides technical support to agency. 
• Assures quality control procedures are completed and documented.  
• Maintains current knowledge of new drug technology and lab procedures; Maintains AU480 certification. 
• Effectively acts as lab liaison with internal and external customers. 
• Assist on compliance with CLIA certification; Perform AAB Proficiency Testing. 
• Generating and sending out monthly reports-including billing and invoicing. 
• Daily temperature monitoring of equipment. 
• Maintain and properly handle biohazard waste. 
• HCJFS collection of specimen (70-80) month. 
• Assure site protocols are in conformance with best practices of Talbert House Laboratory and CLIA regulations.  
• Pick up specimens from multiple sites daily. 
• Contact vendors and suppliers for quotes; complete related documents and process timely and accurately; completes all ordering of drug and alcohol screening supplies for lab and facilities that collect UA’s 
• Assure compliance with vendor contracts. 
• Assure all documentation and records are prepared and maintained. 
• Check/adjust Breathe Analyzer Machines monthly or as needed.

Sr. Research Assistant-Laboratory Animal Medical Husbandry Supervisor

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

June 2011 to April 2014

231 Albert Sabin Way 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0571 
June 2011-Current 
• Multi-facility oversight and implementation of the husbandry program according to established SOP’s and Regulatory Standards. 
• Supervision of Husbandry Staff – Functional and Administrative 
Includes schedule oversight, room evaluation and maintenance, work-load adjustments. 
• Rounds of all animal rooms within assigned facilities. 
• Train, mentor and evaluate all new employees. 
• Supervise and assist Facility Coordinators. 
• Assist Facilities Manager with personnel (sick, workers comp, FMLA) & disciplinary issues(make recommendations for corrective action and implement the program), time verification, scheduling of vacations, preparation of evaluations. 
• Maintain inventory and submit feed and bedding orders for assigned facilities. 
• Collect and review for accuracy the monthly billing, animal inventory sheets for assigned facilities. Submit the completed inventories to the LAMS accountant. 
• Review the monthly sanitization log and compare to the Lum-T report(download the Lum-T data to PC). Be pro-active to prevent late room sanitizations. 
• Prepare and submit a monthly report to include rooms not checked, reported out-of-range room temperatures, PIV watering incident summary, late room sanitizations and any incident that caused harm or jeopardized the health of any animal. Submit to the Facilities Manager. 
• Implementation of the “Animal Care and Use Program. Make recommendations to keep up-to-date. Continually monitor SOP’s for accuracy and proper implementation. 
• When studies are conducted using hazardous agents, ensure proper signage is posted and the Technicians are properly advised and trained to work within the area and maintain the animal husbandry. 
• Assist the Research staff PI’s and Research Assistants. Balance the proper care of the animals with the research needs. Review, approve and implement “Service Requests” ie. special feeding/watering, light cycles, Report PI complaints to the Facilities Manager. 
• Act as a liaison and “filter” between LAMS veterinary staff and husbandry techs. 
• Assist Facilities Manager with Purchasing Contracts – bid specifications, product evaluation and selection. 
• Chair Departmental Committees and participate in University Committees- eg. Safety, Employee Suggestions 
• Assist Facilities Manager with hiring LAA/LAT’s – application review, interviews etc. 
• Evaluate equipment and procedures for improvement. Participate in new product evaluations and provide reports. 
• Keep track of equipment and supplies. Report to the Facilities Manager when supplies and equipment are needed. 
• Accompany IACUC during semi-annual Facility inspections. 
• Accompany AAALAC during site visits. 
• Oversee the LAMS Husbandry Quality Control Program – report/correct deficiencies. 
• Submit Work Orders to Facilities Management. Review monthly for completion.

Research Assistant-Laboratory Animal Medical Husbandry Supervisor

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

June 2010 to June 2011

231 Albert Sabin Way 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0571 
June 2010-June 2011 (Promoted to a Sr. Research Assistant) 
JOB DUTIES: Apply professional knowledge, skills and training to help conduct experimental research work in a particular discipline. Is responsible primarily for own work. Work is performed according to research protocols. The primary responsibilities include facility oversight and implementation of the husbandry program per SOP’s. This is completed via animal and support room rounds. Other responsibilities include; covering animal schedules, verification that all animal work is completed, submission of work orders and follow up on facility maintenance, assist the Veterinary Staff with animal health issues, assist research staff, complete labor factors, conducting staff meetings, contacting researchers, and other duties to help the department. 
❖ Lab Animal Tech III *RLAT *RALAT Certified 
Laboratory Animal Medical Services 
University of Cincinnati

Research Assistant

Albert Sabin Way

Cincinnati, OH

June 2005 to June 2010

JOB DUTIES: Maintain the sanitation program for a variety of animal species, housing systems and equipment; assist in maintaining the health of a variety of laboratory animals. 
Census Assistant: Facility Bar-coder at MDI/GRI 
-Generate a receiving log, Cage cards, Quick cards, and Weaning and Census sheets 
-Reprint Weaning/Census sheets 
-Enter Weaning/ Census for activation 
-Deactivate used cage cards 
-Accurately scan rooms/facility 
-Upload scan 
-Receive animal requisitions in Sirius 
-Enter non-traditional procurement forms 
-Enter service request charges 
-Run active cage card report 
-Receive and transport animals/supplies 
-Verify and sign for incoming orders 
-submit invoices to business office 
-Coordinate appropriate staffing for receiving activities 
-Maintain receiving area. Cleaning and organizing 
-Clocking into 6:00 AM on a day to day basis


Bachelor’s in Psychology

University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

September 2006 to May 2015

Live Oaks Career Development Campus

Milford, OH

June 2004


Microsoft Word/ PowerPoint/ Excel/ Office/ Publisher/ SAP Time Clock/ Sirius Bar-coding System/ Wintox/ CATT/ Outlook/ Sample Manager (10+ years), Lab Tech, Chemistry, Lab Technician



Additional Information

Skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office, CATT, Outlook 
-Exceptional computer skills 
-Extremely organized and planned out 
-Reliable and Honest

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