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Laboratory Analyst

Ridgeland, MS

Work Experience

Laboratory Analyst


Bowling Green, KY

September 2015 to May 2017

• Regularly operated laboratory instruments like the ICP-AES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission 
Spectroscopy), IC (Ion Chromatography), TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analyzer, Mastersizer laser particle size analyzer, and DR-2800 Spectrophotometer. 
• Competent in physico-chemical analysis of water samples and assisted in lab certification for wastewater. 
• Trained professionals and students on physico-chemical analysis of water. 
• Regularly interacted with clients on sample handling, preservation, and sample drop-off. 
• Lab certification of wastewater for physico-chemical analysis. 
• Smooth functioning, timely analysis, and results delivered on time.

Graduate Assistant


Green, KY

September 2015 to May 2017

• Prepared and submitted multiple grant proposals for research on Icelandic melt water. 
• Organized inventory and co oridnated Icelandic glacial melt water sampling on 11 different glaciers over 3 sampling 
• Calibrated, tested field equipments and performed titration on the field. 
• Analyzed samples and geochemical data using Sigma plot, GIS, and interpreted results. 
• Lifetime Achievement Grant, Research and Creative Activities (RCAP) Grant, Study Abroad World Topper Grant, 
Graduate Research Grant for research in Iceland. 
• Research featured in Environmental Monitor, Application and technology news for environmental professionals. 
• Speaker at Fresh water resource breakout session organized by the Arctic Circle 2016. Reykjavík, Iceland.

Teaching Assistant

Kathmandu University

January 2015 to July 2015

• Instructed Introductory Soil Science and Land Management course and conducted Soil Science lab. 
• Routinely conducted Pollution and Environmental Chemistry lab. 
• Assisted Introductory Environmental Engineering course. 
• Trained undergraduate and graduate students for water and soil analysis. 
• Managed and ordered instruments and chemicals for the Environmental Chemistry lab. 
• Successful completion of 2 classes and 3 different labs for Environmental Science undergraduate students. 
• Maintenance and smooth operations of the labs.

Research Assistant

Kathmandu University

April 2013 to July 2014

Project title: High Rate anaerobic digester for Biogas Production from Wastewater 
• Regularly maintained the functioning and operation of the waste water treatment plants. 
• Sampled and analyzed effluent and influent of the waste water treatment plants. 
• Provided laboratory training for professionals in waste water setting. 
• Production of methane gas from the treatment of wastewater. 
• Reduction of TSS (upto 90 %), BOD and COD (40-50 %) of the waste water. 
• Waste water laboratory setup for physico chemical analysis. 
• Successful completed monitoring of the waste water treatment plants.

Nepal, Laboratory Research Assistant

Soil and Water Laboratory of the Aquatic Ecology Center, Kathmandu University

Kathmandu, NP

September 2012 to September 2013

• Worked with laboratory instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), GC (Gas chromatography), Hydride 
generation (HG), and DelAqua Bacteriological Kit. 
• Conducted soil and water analyses and proficient in laboratory equipment maintenance. 
• Trained students on soil and water physico-chemical analysis. 
• Timely completion of the soil and water analysis.


MS in Geoscience

Western Kentucky University

May 2017

MS in Environment and Natural Resources

Kathmandu University

November 2014

BS in Environmental Science

Kathmandu University

November 2011


Data analysis (Less than 1 year), GIS (1 year), MARKETING ANALYSIS (Less than 1 year), Proposal writing (Less than 1 year), SPSS (Less than 1 year)

Additional Information

: Data analysis and interpretation, Presentation, Grant writing, Proposal writing, GIS, SPSS, and 
Sigma plot.

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