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Resume Writing Example for MedicalAssistant/Receptionist | CV Format


La Porte, TX

I am seeking a position with a growing organization where I can make a positive impact on my surrounding, and experience long term career growth as a Medical Assistant.

Work Experience


La Porte Family Clinic

La Porte, TX

September 2014 to February 2015

Responsible for triaging patients before the Doctor goes in to see the patients. Such as vital signs, weight, chief complaints. I would assist the Doctor with any procedures that needed to be done such as stitches removal wound cleaning. I would draw the patients blood for blood work. I would give the patients any injections that the Doctor ordered. I would answer the phones and take messages for the Doctor and call in any prescriptions that the Doctor would order for the patients. 
SKILLS/CERTIFICATIONS Excellent verbal and written communications skills. Proficient in many computer applications with much exposure to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 
Certifications in CPR, OSHA, HIPPA, CLIA.


ordered MRI’s, CT’s and labs

Lakeland, FL

June 2011 to July 2014

Medical Assistant/Receptionist Responsible for triaging patients before the Doctor goes in to see the patients. Such as vital signs and weight. I verified new patients by calling the previous Doctor office and informing them the patient was there to be seen at our office and requested the progress notes and any other information that 
may be needed from the previous Doctor. I answered the phones and scheduled appointments for new and follow up patients as well as assisted the patients with any questions they might have. Maintain multi phone lines, ordered MRI’s, CT’s and labs. Called in medications to pharmacies for the Doctor and patients.


Blood Net USA

Lakeland, FL

August 2009 to January 2010

Phlebotomist Responsible for registering donors and checking their vital signs to make sure they are well enough to donate blood. Would escort the donor out to donor area and prep the donor for donation. The proceed to take donors blood using Phlebotomy skills on the donor.


Alliance Home Health Care

Lakeland, FL

February 2008 to April 2008

Lakeland, Florida 02/08-04/08 Housekeeper Provided professional preservation to assigned building, keeping the facilities in neat and orderly conditions and completing routine maintenance. Notified management concerning needs for facility repair or additions to various lighting, heating/cooling equipment, etc. Secured buildings when facilities were not in use, preparing offices for the following business days and reporting any unauthorized occupants to management teams.

Residents Assistant Kept

Summerville of Lakeland

Lakeland, FL

August 2005 to December 2005

clients’ environment clean and sanitary, ensuring that areas meet federal and state guidelines and regulations. Assisted residents with daily responsibilities, helping with medical requirements and attending to other personal and grooming needs. Encourage patients in creating and achieving appropriate rehabilitative goals, documenting their progress, and planned, prepared, and facilitated activities for residents, encouraging internal socialization.


Diploma in Medical Assisting in EXTERNSHIP

Everest University

Lakeland, FL

June 2009

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