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Resume Writing Example for Networking Technician | CV Format

Networking Technician – Applied Control Engineering

Wilmington, DE

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Networking Technician

Applied Control Engineering

Newark, DE

2018 to Present

• Install, maintain and troubleshoot Local Area Networks and data communications equipment throughout the main office as well as satellite sites using a VPN. 
• Worked in call center to resolve and troubleshooting IT issues reported by engineers throughout the company. 
• Troubleshooting both hardware and software products that are incorporated in the business’s daily operations using Wireshark software. 
• Developed networking structure for new employees joining the company. 
• Testing new environmental equipment sensors in the server room and developing a strategy to place equipment to gain optimal performance. 
• VOIP – Momentum Telecom, provisioning and troubleshooting Polycom phone system. 
• Creating conference bridges using WebEx website and sending out meeting information to company personal. 
• Carbon Black anti-virus sensor deployment detection software. 
• Experience with Windows Server update Services, OS ticket system, and firmware updates.

Executive Chef

Firebirds Restaurant

Chadds Ford, PA

2008 to 2013

• Responsibilities include functional kitchen for a $4 million operation. 
• Supervised 25 staff members including developing and cross training (including sales development with product knowledge), scheduling, controlling labor cost, acquiring talent, motivating and retaining employees. 
• Successfully maintained food cost ranking within top 5 out of 21 restaurants. 
• Overall Profit and Loss statement resulted as number 1 out of 21 restaurants. 
• Implemented new store development including vendor management, scheduling, and organizing deliveries in a timely manner in adherence to store development guidelines, proactively resolving immediate issues.

First Line Technician

Diebold Nixdorf

Hatboro, PA

1996 to 1999

• Maintained and updated ATM machines in five counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. 
• Mechanical skills were important to operations of Diebold, NCR, and Squirrel ATMs. 
• Responsible for restocking currency in the cassettes and maintaining log files whenever machines were opened, added or updated. 
• Changed out hardware whenever the machine needed updates, or the part was no longer functioning.


ASSOCIATE in Culinary Fine Arts and Business Management

Delaware Technical Community College

Wilmington, DE

May 2018

BA in Psychology

Kendal College

Chicago, IL

May 2002

Cairn University

Langhorne, PA

May 1999



Additional Information

• Proficient in C#, Java Script, HTML, PERL, Windows Power Shell, Python, HTTP 
• Bash Shell programming in Linux, Unix, and OS X 
• Technical and hardware proficiency in Diebold ATM’s and point of sale systems 
• Proficiency in building and troubleshooting computer hardware and operating systems 
• Web Development Programs 
• Management skills having developed 25-30 employees in corporate businesses. 
• Proficient in programming languages including C#, HTML, Java script, Bash Shell Script, and Mobile App Development for Android Operating Systems 
• Proficient in Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio 2017, and Oracle MySQL Database Design. 
• Maintaining computer programming projects in GitHub account. 
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio. 
• Skillful in mechanical operations, especially in diagnosing and troubleshooting Bank ATM’s 
• Creating Database Design in MySQL Workbench and importing Microsoft Excel into system. 
• Management of business with P&L development and implementation. 
• Implementation of infrastructure in network systems, including VOIP phone systems.

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