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Nurse Manager

Chittenango, NY

Work Experience

Nurse Manager

Vivian Teal Howard Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Syracuse, NY

September 2006 to November 2006

116 East Castle Street 
Syracuse, New York 
Telephone: (315) 475-1641 
Date of employment: 9/2006-11/2006 
Position: Nurse Manager 
40 bed unit. Responsible for entire unit. Residents, staff and family members.

Per Diem R.N. Supervisor

The Crossings Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre

Minoa, NY

September 2005 to January 2006

120 East Avenue 
Minoa, New York 13116 
Telephone: (315) 656-7277 
Date of employment: 9/2005-1/2006 
Position: Per Diem R.N. Supervisor 
80 bed facility- (40 bed long term resident care/ 40 bed rehab unit) 
Responsible for the entire facility. Over see entire facility including residents and staff. 
Resident transfers to local hospitals, assess resident care and condition. Documentation, 
care plans, staffing issues, incident reports, working with physicians, doing treatments when time allowed, helping staff as necessary. Caring for residents. Staffing issues. 
Reason for leaving: Personal Reasons 
Salary: $22.70/hr 
Syracuse Veterans Administration Medical Center

Nurse Manager

Carol Williams, R.N

Syracuse, NY

February 1994 to April 1995

Position: Charge/Staff R.N. 

31 bed acute care medical unit-oncology, hematology HIV, MRSA, COPD unit 
Primary care for approximately 5-13 patients, depending on staffing. Responsible for total care needs of patients, including ADLS, monitor and assess patients. Work closely 
With physicians, family members, and support teams. Other responsibilities include: 
Working with picc lines, portacaths, cvps, and infuseaports, and starting venous access. 
Experience with total isolation patients, and reverse isolation. Care plans, documentation of patients, and discharge planning. Obtained PRI license. 
Reason for leaving: Personal Reasons 
Salary: 50k/per year

Nurse Manager

Pending Long Term Care Placement

January 1988 to July 1993

Dates of Employment while at the V.A. 1/1988-7/1993 
Other Departments assigned while at the V.A. 
31 bed Intermediate Care Unit (Pending Long Term Care Placement, 

6 bed Respiratory Intensive Care Unit ( responsible for 3 acutely ill respiratory 
ventilator-dependent patients. Primary total care. 
8 bed Medical Intensive Care Unit (responsible for 2 acutely medically ill 
patients. Primary Care. Diagnosis included Acute MI’S, Diabetic Comas, 
Acute Respiratory Failure, etc. Most patients required ventilators. 
Both Respiratory and Intermediate closed due to budget issues. 
A, L. Lee Memorial Hospital 
510 South Forth Street 
Fulton, New York 13069 
Telephone: (315) 592-2224 
Nurse Manager: Joanne Sweet, R.N. 
Employment status: Charge/Staff/ Float R.N. Between ICU and ER 
Duties Included: Float between both needed. Acute MI’S, drug overdoses, MVA’S, Very active E.R. and Unit. 2 R.N.S per unit. Pulmonary embolisms, CVAS, heparin drips, lidocaine drips. Administer IV medications, po medications. Active member of Code team. Assist physicians in ER with any procedures necessary. Transport with ambulance team with acutely ill patients to larger regional hospitals. Lacerations, asthma, any any other medical emergency. Arterial line placement, start IV’S, blood draws, team nursing. Restock equipment in ER, use defibrillator, cardiac monitors, and interpretation 
Of cardiac rhythms. 
Reason for leaving; Salary Increase and Benefits 
Salary: 30k/ year 
William Jennings Dorn Veterans Administration Medical Center

Nurse Manager

Pamela Lundy, R.N

Columbia, SC

1980 to 1987

Employment Status; Relief prn Hospital Supervisor, Charge/Staff R.N. Surgical Intensive Care Unit 

Duties included; Primary care for post-op critically ill patients. 8 bed unit/ responsible for 2 patients. Acute thoracic surgery, acute abdominal surgery, pneumocectomies thoracotacomies, carotids, AAA’S surgery. Respirators, IVS, Swan-Ganz Cathethers, Arterial lines, blood draws, administer po/ IV medications, blood and blood product transfusions, complicated dressing changes, MRSA isolation, computer skills, cardiac monitors, and interpretation skills. Member of the code team throughout hospital. As a prn supervisor for the hospital- cover call-ins, any emergencies that may arise. Post mortem care. “Hands-on-care to patients whichever unit that were short staffed. 
Reason for leaving: Relocated back to New York 
Salary: 40k/year 
The Tuomey Hospital

Nurse Manager

Dorothy Toney, R.N

Sumter, SC

1977 to 1980

Employment Status: OB/GYN/ L&D Units 
Duties Included: Post-op care of BTL’s, Hysterectomies, C-sections Assist Physicians with the actual L&D process, pre and post care of L&D patients. Care of newborn infants. Pitocin drips, magnesium drips, start IV’S. Administer po and IV medications. Fetal monitor application and monitoring. Monitor vital signs. Monitor staff LPNS and Nursing Assistants during direct patient pre and post op care. O2 administration, epis care, sitz baths. Educate patients in regards to breast feeding and newborn care. Assist with mothers ADLS. Monitor vital signs, administer pain medication, and assist with nitrous oxide anesthesia. 
Reason for Leaving: Increased salary and benefits 
Salary: 25k/year 
Mercy Hospital 
1400 West Park Street 
Urbana, Illinois 61801 
Telephone# (217) 337-2000 
Nurse Manager: ? 
Employment Status; Mini out patient surgery/ Emergency Room 
Duties Included: Assist with endoscopy procedures, monitor vital signs, monitor cardiac rhythms, and administer po and IV medications. Assist with direct patient care. Work closely with physicians. 
Reason for leaving; Military Move 
Salary: 25k/ year 

Nurse Manager

Oswego Hospital

Oswego, NY

1975 to 1976

Employment Status: Emergency Room 
6 bed emergency room setting. Mostly 3-11 p.m. shift charge nurse. Monitor all patients and one LPN staff member. Help transport very ill patients to larger regional hospitals. Cardiac monitors, heparin drips, lidocaine drips. Active member of hospital code team. Similar duties as while employed at A.L. Lee Hospital Emergency Room in Fulton, New York. 
Reason for leaving: Military Move 
Salary: 20k/ year

Nurse Manager

Crouse-Irving Memorial Hospital

Syracuse, NY

1975 to 1975

Employment Status: Neuro Intensive Care Unit 
Duties: Included offer understanding, compassion and empathy to patients. ICP monitors, monitor vital signs, total ADLS. Report any changes to charge nurse.


The University Hospital

Syracuse, NY

July 1993 to February 1994


Med Surg, BLS, Emergency Department, RN
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