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Nurse Manager – Tiffany Home Care

Hutchinson, KS

Highly skilled, results driven Registered Nurse, with more than 29 years of experience in providing excellent care to clients in a wide range of health care settings. An efficient professional, with the skills necessary to handle high-level responsibility. Confident decision maker with the experience to remain calm and make quality decisions under demanding conditions. 
• Patient Care: Provide high level care to patients in a PACU setting. Receive wide range of patients from ASA class 1 to ASA class 4. 
• Strengths: Highly organized and attentive to detail with strong communication skills. Proficient in all areas of nursing care, with an emphasis on quality care and patient interaction. Excellent teaching and motivation skills. Advanced organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills with the flexibility and experience required to adjust to demanding schedules and high-pressure environments. Experienced in situations where consistent performance, clear decision making, and technical abilities are the keys to success. I have been a preceptor to several nurses over my 29 years of experience. I have used my experience and knowledge to assist in many situations; I am often times the go to nurse for difficult situations.

Work Experience

Nurse Manager

Tiffany Home Care

May 2015 to Present

Kim Johnson 
I work part-time as a case manager, and provide home visits for my clients. I assist them in coordinating their care, medication management, education, and treatments.

Nurse Manager

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center

Hutchinson, KS

March 1989 to Present

Debra Pierce 
I have spent the last 23 years working in PACU, SDC, Pre-OP, and Post-OP working closely with patients preparing for discharge planning including medication compliance, reviewing discharge instructions and orders, motivationally educating patients for best outcomes.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center

1999 to 2000

certified .I worked for a year with home health and hospice while working at my regular job in 1999-2000.

Stafford District Hospital

1988 to 1989

worked all areas from ICU to ER to mixing drugs in pharmacy.

Central Kansas Medical Center on the Pediatric

1987 to 1988




Pratt Community College


Nursing Licences


Expires: April 2019

State: KS
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