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Work Experience


San Diego, CA

June 2012 to Present

Provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Work with individuals, couples and families treating various issues as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, ASD, learning disabilities, and school related problems. Also address relationships, ADHD, and marriage/family issues. Serve mental health needs of older adults in-home, as well as senior living and convalescent care facilities.


Coastal Psychiatric Medical Associates

February 2015 to February 2017

Del Mar/La Jolla 
Provided psychological services for children, adults, couples and families. Treated individuals with psychological disorders including anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as support for school related issues. Worked with college students referred from the UCSD CAPS program.

Mental Health Consultant/Psychologist

San Diego Job Corps

November 2014 to August 2015

Imperial Beach 
Provided oversight of mental health services for 550 students ages 16-24 in government job skills training program. Students are from disadvantaged and low income backgrounds. Also, served as Director of Training and Supervison of doctoral level interns from Alliant University in CAPIC accredited program. Coordinated care with consultation and collaboration of all departments on campus and throughout San Diego.


San Diego Center for Children

February 2014 to November 2014

Provided psychotherapy and case management for student’s grades 5-12 in school for children with severe emotional disorders. Student’s served included a range of learning differences including social and emotional disturbance. Provided individual, and family therapy, and treated issues including ADHD, mood disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. Addressed and managed behavioral goals as member of each student’s IEP team.

Program Coordinator/Psychologist

The Winston School

March 2003 to July 2011

Managed and evaluated counseling programs for students ages 8-18 with learning differences including: ADHD, ED, Autistic Disorders, Depression and Learning Disabilities in non-public school. Participated in all aspects of IEP process. Provided individual and group therapy, assessment, and crisis intervention. Managed care coordination of all clients. Presented teacher workshops on student disabilities with special emphasis on effective classroom strategies. Conducted social skills, drug abuse, independent living skills and college preparedness workshops for students. Facilitated the transfer of services to college for special education, healthcare and job placement. Provided supervision and training for interns. Conducted outreach and recruitment of MFT and doctoral interns. Interviewed prospective interns. Provided consultation with administrative team on organizational concerns requiring crises, outreach, and development of support services. Developed and managed workshops to train teachers, and support staff to facilitate the adjustment, achievement, retention of students. Technology utilized as a vital source of communication, record keeping, and assessment.

Resiliency Trainer

The Winston School

Camp Pendleton, CA

August 2010 to December 2010

Teacher’s Assistant

The Winston School

March 2010 to June 2010

Taught undergraduate upper division Education practicum section in Spring 
2010. Consulted with site coordinators at elementary schools delegated for practicum students.

SDICCCA Faculty Intern

Palomar Community College

2009 to 2010

Received training in TRIO/SSS student support services to learn all phases of counseling and coordination in program geared for students who are first generation, low income, or students with disabilities. Intern training included development of counseling skills to implement education plans, and support of student academic needs. Also training in all phases of being an academic counselor. Provided support of coordination of TRIO conducting orientation, outreach and overall management of program. Developed and conducted workshops including stress management, study and organizational skills for students.


San Diego Mesa College

September 2008 to November 2008

Taught writing workshops for students at writing center. Students included classes in basic skills English, DSPS, and EOPS. Provided distance education support to students using online technology.

Psychological Consultant

2004 to 2006

Alpha Kappa Alpha Head Start 
Assessed over 250 pre-school children in low-income and diverse families at three different Head Start Centers in East San Diego. Referred students for appropriate services when needed including: psychiatric, medical, parenting, speech/language, and occupational therapy. Consulted parents to address developmental concerns of their children. Consulted teachers and staff to address behavioral issues of students. Presented workshops for staff addressing learning differences and classroom management techniques.

Lead Clinician Community Research Foundation

Maria Sardiñas Center

2001 to 2003

Provided mental health services for ethnically diverse, economically disadvantaged and seriously mentally ill adult population at community based mental health clinic. Services included individual, group therapy, assessment, crisis intervention and case management for 200 clients. Utilized CBT and supportive psychotherapy in serving clientele. Group therapy provided for young adult and older clients addressing depression, anxiety disorders, dual diagnosis, and serious mental illness. Led and developed skills-based groups – e.g., parenting, young adult independent living, parenting, and anger management. Coordinated services with community agencies (e.g., Department of Social Services, Employment Services). Provided care coordination to 200 clients.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Verdugo Mental Health Center

1999 to 2000

Children’s Services 
Served as Post-Doctoral fellow in CAPIC accredited program. Provided individual, group, family psychotherapy, and crisis counseling at community based outpatient clinic. Coordinated services with community agencies and schools for children ages 5 to 18. The community mental health center serves low income, underserved and diverse ethnic populations with serious mental illness. Mental health problems included depression, anxiety disorders, and dual diagnosis. Provided crisis counseling at local schools for students and teachers. Led a young adults group in a skills-based program. Served as a clinical staff member, coordinated staff development, interviewed prospective interns, and provided community outreach.

Teacher Specialist/Teacher

G.U.S.D. – Allan Daily High School

1989 to 1999

Taught all subjects to 9th-12th grade students for completion of High School Diploma in an alternative school for students with academic and behavioral concerns. Instructed using individualized and self paced learning program as well as formal instruction. Assisted the Principal with supervision and discipline concerns. Served as parent/community liaison. Developed, coordinated and taught parent education programs including continuing education for parents, community resources relating to citizenship, employment, and parenting skills. Facilitated parent-support groups encouraging parent involvement in the school system.


G.U.S.D. – Allan Daily High School

1989 to 1999

Independent Studies Program, G.U.S.D. – Allan Daily 
High School 
Taught all subjects to 9th-12th grade students for completion of High School Diploma in an Independent Studies Evening Program using individualized and self-paced learning program to working students and teen moms. Provided guidance for academic goals and development of life skills including work preparedness, college, vocational programs, and independent living.

ESL Teacher

G.U.S.D. – Allan Daily High School

1989 to 1994

Taught all subjects to 9th-12th grade students for completion of High School Diploma in an alternative school for students with academic and behavioral concerns. Developed an ESL program for the school. Taught diverse student populations including Hispanic, Armenian, Korean, and Filipino.


G.U.S.D. – Allan Daily High School

1991 to 1993

Taught ESL to older adults from ethnically and economically diverse populations. Provided formal instruction to ELD students of all levels of English proficiency. Curriculum included reading, writing, conversation and every day application.


Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

American Behavioral Studies Institute


Teaching Credential

Pepperdine University


M.A. in Education

Pepperdine University


B.A. in Sociology



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