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Re hosting Expert and Instrumental – 11+ years in American Express

Scottsdale, AZ

Dates Organization Role 
October 2006 to till date American Express Application Architect 
Feb 2003 to Aug 2006 USTechnology,Trivandrum Software Engineer

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Re hosting Expert and Instrumental

11+ years in American Express

December 2016 to Present

Working in Impetus Solutions from Dec 2016 -Till Date 
➢ Worked in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Limited from October, 2006 – 21st Nov 2016. 
➢ TI Saves, Mainframe Modernization, Re hosting Expert and Instrumental in reducing CAS Offline and RC Application’s cost drastically. 
➢ Strong in Communication & Interpersonal Skills 
➢ Good in people management and team management skills. 
➢ Innovation award winner for American Express Account for tools developed. 
Key deliverables across the tenures: 
⇒ Mainframe Reengineering Success Story – Registered Card Portfolio and Credit Authorization System. 
⇒ Registered Card portfolio achieved a massive 50% reduction in Mainframe TI costs. RC realized annual sales of $2.5M in just over 5 months (For Ref: Ramakrishna b Peddi- RC Director and Sreenivasan b Parameshwara- Director Product Management). 
⇒ Created Daily Dashboard for Daily CPU Cost, Daily Storage(DASD, TAPE) Cost, Daily DB2 Execution Cost, Daily Automation ID Cost for Registered Card Portfolio (We created this dashboard to keep TAB on Application Cost before we see any surprises in Prospector report which will be generated end of the month). (For Ref: Ramakrishna b Peddi- RC Director and Rajiv R Prakash – VP Technology IMDP). 
⇒ CAS Offline portfolio achieved a massive 65% reduction in Mainframe TI costs. They realized annual sales of $5M (For Ref: Robin Vetrady- Director CAS Offline and Anita Murray- Director CAS ). 
⇒ Wokred on POC’s for CAS Offline Mainframe Transformation and evaluated products like Tuxedo, Dell(Clerity), Heirloom, Micro Focus( For Ref: Anita Murray- Director CAS ). 
⇒ Worked as an Architect for CAS Modernization (Re-hosted Mainframe on Dell Clerity)(For Ref: Rajiv R Prakash- VP Technology IMDP). 
⇒ Handled Data ingestion into Cornerstone 3.0 for Registered Cards and Triumph Portfolio(For Ref: Gorav Bindra- Director IMDP and David S Harlan- Staff engineer IMDP) 
⇒ Storage Reduction: Luminex and Isilon Solutions provided for RC, CAS, Risk Platforms(For Ref: Tapan Ganguly- Staff Architect Authorizations Technology) 
⇒ Worked on Re hosting Dell Clerity (Provides Dell Transaction Processing Environment (TPE) , Dell Batch Processing Environment (BPE) and Transaction Security Facility (TSF) for migrating mainframe z/OS applications). 
⇒ Developed Java wrapper – zAAP (The IBM System z Application Assist Processors) -The pilot concept was to retain the core business logic in Cobol, but convert the most CPU intensive parts of our Cobol programs (target subject chosen for this pilot – I/O operations) to Java by building a wrapper to perform that function. Cost reduction of 70 – 80% which should equate to $500,000 reduction annually. 
⇒ Java FTP & Compression 
This initiative is to move the high storage consuming files to the Isilon server. MVS is using JAV FTP and compression techniques to send and receive files from ISILON server, the approximate saves for this quarter is $143k, the annual saves will be approx. $650k. 
⇒ Data reduction (deleting files which are not used by business) 
⇒ Mainframe Modernization (Dell Clerity) 
⇒ Code optimization (removing redundant data) 
⇒ BMC to CDB (converting load and unload jobs to CDB to get saves) 
⇒ DB2 Optimization (identifying saves for AMEX) 
⇒ Data movement to Isilon (Compressed all tape files and FTPed to Isilon) 
⇒ Integrating Java in z/OS (All new development or new programs to be coded in Java on z/OS) 
⇒ Data Collection for Mainframe modernization: 
⇒ CASMVS collected data for the existing applications with in CAS for mainframe modernization with all the details of inbound, outbound VSAM/FLAT/TAPE files along with Databases, Stored Procs and real time modules with in MVS which accounted for more than 40000 lines of details. 
⇒ System Balancing And Controls: 
As a part of System Balance and Control Project CASMVS team has cross checked all its existing and new applications to see if they are Balancing and Control Enabled and prepared documentation for all the SBC required applications and also details of all the applications where SBC is existing 
User friendly tool to transmit the file back from Isilon server to Mainframe. The tools is built using REXX and it uses JAVA FTP module to transmit the file back to Mainframe 
This is a REXX tool used to create the test job from JHS which will be very useful and helps reducing time in case huge testing needs to be done using jobs from JHS 
This is a REXX tool which provides user interface to extract the LWR Data using either Java or COBOL method and is very helpful when huge data extraction from LWR is required 
User Friendly and easily accessible REXX tool to uncompressed file which is already being compressed by Java Compression tool 
This Rexx tool creates the testjcl for the required jcls to make the testing easier which gives the overrides for datalibs and loadlibs and also changes the symbolic values passed. 
The REXX tool will assist to extract all Job name, Proc name, Program and input – output file details from JHS and directly can be sent as attachment in Excel to specified users, which can save 80% of manual effort. 
This REXX tool reads the program names given in the input file and get the Subprograms, Copybooks, Workbench modules number of lines of code and two other columns which tell whether the program is MQ or DB2


MBA in Finance

European School Of Economics

2000 to 2002

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