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Senior Chemist – QEP, Roberts Consolidated

Chattanooga, TN

I am a well-rounded formulations, application, and analytical chemist and group leader seeking a position of challenge and 
growth utilizing my passion for research and development of green chemistries across multiple industries. 
Strengths include: 
• Formulation Development- Provided support to paint companies for our coatings resins. Developed starting point formulations and 
performed testing. Formulation, scale-up, and technical service of waterborne latex architectural coatings, alkyd emulsion chem- 
istry development and new product launch. Some work with solvent-borne architectural and industrial alkyds. 
• Successful development of multiple formulations for several product families-primers, topcoats, stains, sealers, photovoltaic 
pastes, electronic insulation gels, and fluxes. 
• Product presentations to customers, distributors, and salespeople.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Senior Chemist

QEP, Roberts Consolidated

Dalton, GA

October 2016 to January 2017

• Supervise Jr. Chemist and lab technicians 
• Review batches and edit system to ensure repeatability and consistent quality 
• Work in conjunction with Canadian lab to optimize work flow 
• Meet with suppliers to evaluate new products and costing 
• In conjunction with marketing and customer demands, develop new products or find new application for current or discontin- ued items 
• Maintain GLP and green certificate plus program. 
• Attend CRI meetings and work with task force group

R&D Plant Chemist

DyStar LP

Dalton, GA

February 2015 to October 2016

• Develop new products as required to meet objectives set by Sales and Marketing 
• Evaluate, test, and qualify replacement or new raw materials, assisted in ISO certification prep and audit. 
• Supervise and optimize plant production batches and scale ups. 
• Plan and execute cost reduction, process improvement, rework rejected materials, formula optimization 
• Business development team member and technical consult

Group Leader for Functional Powder Coatings Team North America

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings

Nashville, TN

August 2014 to December 2014

• Supervise Chemist and technician for Functional business unit 
• Prioritize and assign all incoming lab work requests, ensure data files maintained 
• Monthly safety meetings, 5S inspection and review, liaison for lab work done at Nashville site 
• Assist Tech Service Manager with customer trials and line start-up/trouble shooting 
• Formulation, production, and application of functional powder coatings, training in manufacturing environment regarding weigh up, mixing, extrusion, milling, and QC testing 
• Prepare panels/coat parts for internal and external testing 
• Work with team to ensure needed DOT approvals 
• Maintain/Acquire needed UL and NSF certifications for specified products

Raw Materials Laboratory Supervisor/General Analytics Laboratory Technician

Wacker Polysilicon

Charleston, TN

August 2011 to August 2013

• Analyze data 
• Monitor quality control 
• QC/QA including GC, HPLC, 
• Work in Gap Assignment Role with EHS&S and PSM 
• Write SOPs, administer eMOC database, organize PSI for EHS&S, support legal office 
• Develop cross functional testing and working relationships between international laboratory personnel as part of the 
Raw Materials SWAT team 
• Educational training inclusive of coursework at Wacker Institute and hands-on training in Germany for 6 months

Technical Associate, Laboratory technician


Raleigh, NC

April 2011 to August 2011

• New chemistry development testing various precipitated and pigment combinations for photovoltaic solar cell print- ing and efficiency testing. 
• Operation of various lab scale methods for mixing and milling, including 
• Physical testing (VOC, solids, adhesion, failure analysis, solder and flux variations, and effects of weathering per 
SOP and ASTM standards)

Technical Associate


Raleigh, NC

November 2010 to April 2011

• New chemistry development grafting of reactive groups onto synthetic and non-synthetic raw materials. 
• Formulation development of cable insulating gels. Physical testing (hardness, oil bleed out, elongation, etc.) of raw and formulated materials per SOP and ASTM’s. Recognized for developing and initiating innovative co-patented 
• Worked from lab bench development to scale up for pilot plant production. 
• Material procurement.

Technical Consultant

Youngsville, NC

September 2008 to November 2010

Consulted companies regarding architectural coatings formulations and applications work regarding reactive surfac- tant emulsification in alkyd emulsion based systems.

Applications Chemist


2007 to 2008

Supported the development of a new “green” technology for local and global distribution. 
• Developed and improved many formulations using new water-based alkyd latex technology including siding/deck 
stains, interior/exterior paints from flats to high gloss, metal enamels, primers, wiping stains, and clear sealers. 
• Worked independently and in a team environment to achieve the introduction of this new chemistry to the market and the development of improved next generation products simultaneously. 
• Applications Technician position but as a chemist, exercised more independence in formulation, ordering, 
sampling, training, brochure preparation for Sales/Marketing, and testing. 
• Contributed solidly to our safety and incident investigation teams each month and worked closely with EHS doing 
monthly inspections and bi-annual lab cleanup/hazardous waste disposal.

Senior Applications Technician


2003 to 2007

Provided application and technical service for the development of new products and maintaining current business. 
• In-depth testing of resins in varied formulations provided by product-lead chemists, test design, preparation of de- tailed reports, testing raw material substitutions and process improvements, meeting timelines, preparing brochures, 
charts, booklets, and training manuals to be used as sales/marketing tools. 
• Gained a fluent knowledge of coatings formulation, provided technical training to our customers and distributors, 
assisted with cross-training of our sales and technical force globally (Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Norway) and worked with varied chemistries in industrial and architectural coatings. 
• Management of real-time weathering of our formulated products on the test fence and coordination of follow up data. 
• Prepared, monitored, maintained, and reported on exposures for internal and external studies. 
• Managed the test fence and summer interns, providing training and test fence maintenance.

Sample Lab Technician


Research Triangle Park, NC

October 2002 to February 2003

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 10/2002-02/2003 
(Contract position assigned to GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals) 
Sample Lab Technician 
• Worked independently and as a team to process incoming samples of new chemical compounds and chemical 
monomers. Storage consisted of solid and liquid storage as well as specimen processing and allocations for further 
research. Strict compliance to deadlines, safety, and chemical handling were achieved. 
• Consistently cited and awarded for sense of urgency and exceeding job expectation.

Administrative/Lab Assistant


Research Triangle Park, NC

February 2002 to October 2002

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 02/2002-10/2002 
(Contract position assigned to Bayer Corp Science, formerly Aventis Corp Science) 
Administrative/Lab Assistant 
• MSDS organization and filing, answer phones, providing field representatives and product development managers with technical support, maintain sample inventory and laboratory supplies, locate product and fill samples for field 
testing, shipping classifications, and receiving experimental/international samples and distributing to appropriate 
• Assisted in sample forecasting, ordering, and shipment via SampleWeb program. Maintain COA files for products 
received with COA, and print/initial the chain of custody letters when a GLP sample is shipped. Attendance of monthly safety training courses. 
• Consistently cited and awarded for sense of urgency and exceeding job expectations


Bachelor of Biological Science in Research Triangle Park

Lee University

Cleveland, TN

certification in Coat Advances

California Polytechnic State University

New Orleans, LA

Certificate in Analytics

Chattanooga State Community College

Chattanooga, TN

Additional Information

• Specialties: Design of experiments, data analysis, Excel, application of technologies across platforms, translation of performance 
needs into product design criteria. 
• Experience in/with the following: 
• Development of dispersion techniques for a wide array of pigments 
• Corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, rheology modifiers, defoamers, and polymers 
• Formulation optimization using DOE techniques 
• Product scale-up and commercialization 
• Product development and support 
• Method development / Process Improvement 
• Quality Control/Quality Assurance 
• Instrument/Equipment calibration, PM, and repairs. 
• Particle Size, Distribution analysis, via Acoustic, Light Scattering, Single Particle Optical sensor 
• FTIR and UV-VIS Spectroscopy 
• Rheology Analysis via Brookfield cone and plate and ICI viscometer 
• Titration Analysis utilizing a wide array of techniques and sensors. 
• Surface Energy/Surface Tension Analysis via Contact Angle/DSA and Tensiometer. 
• Thermal Gravimetric Analysis. 
• Calorimetry via calorimeter and bomb calorimeter 
• Wet chemistry and organic synthesis techniques 
• Familiar with; AA, ICP, HPLC, GC, GC-MS, XRF 
• Computer Skills – MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Internet Research and Data Entry. 
• Communications skills – Training, tutoring, and mentoring employees and co-workers. Interviewing/hiring, scheduling 
and implementing disciplinary actions, technical service and formulation development with customers and distributors. 
Ability to communicate in Spanish and German languages. 
• Project Management – Launch product campaigns, Inventory management and Quality Control via cGMP’s. 
• Documentation skills – Competitive nature, Meeting deadlines, maintain lab notebook records, development of monthly 
reports, photography/data analysis for product promotions 
• Maintenance of a safe and orderly working environment, proper handling and disposal of hazardous chemical waste, use of proper 
PPE, and a working knowledge of shipping classifications for chemical freight. Consistent involvement in emergency action plan- 
ning, process safety management, eMOC administration, and SOP development and maintenance.

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