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Software Architect – Hashware, CA

Newark, CA

Looking for a challenging software position. 16years webservice/web application/component development experience. Extensive C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL, WCF, SOA, DotNetNuke experience. Expert in UI development using jquery, HTML5, website development using ASP.Net, MVC. Experience in windows mobile development building mobile apps that integrate with healthcare devices and health bands. Good experience with CMS systems including Episerver CMS.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Software Architect

Hashware, CA

April 2012 to Present

• Architected, designed and implement the distributed services between Yellow Pages and other external vendors and Salesforce. 
• Designed a developed a mobile application using windows mobile that integrates with healthcare devices using Bluetooth. Developed and deployed the app on windows phone. 
• Designed and developed a CMS system that integrates with iOS, Android mobile applications through Rest API. 
• Developed using Salesforce API’s,, SOQL to integrate .Net services with salesforce. 
• Developed Single sign on solutions using CAS authentication and SAML tokens for signing into salesforce through the network credentials of YP. 
• Used SOQL to make data transactions with salesforce. Replicated salesforce data nightly onto internal SQL server. 
• Implemented services using WCF , .Net 4.0. Integrated the WCF services with Salesforce. Created automated NUnit scripts and performance stress scripts. Provided architectural recommendations with proposals and scenarios for the requirements.. 
Environment: WCF, Salesforce, jQuery,, SOQL, Mobile app development, Windows mobile, integration with iOS app and Android app

Pricincipal Lead Developer

Hashware, CA

July 2007 to Present

CRM Solutions Integration Architect

Dolby Laboratories

July 2011 to April 2012

• Designed and developed distributed services between Dolby systems and their customer, Disney. 
• Collaborated with Customers, Product banagers and business systems analysts to gather requirements and translate the same into technical requirements and architecture/design document. 
• Led the development efforts of integration services, salesforce web pages, Salesforce portal, ASP.Net portal. 
• Developed using Salesforce API’s,, SOQL to integrate .Net services with salesforce. 
• Used SOQL to make data transactions with salesforce. Replicated salesforce data nightly onto internal SQL server. 
• Implemented services using WCF , .Net 4.0. Integrated the WCF services with Salesforce. Created automated NUnit scripts and performance stress scripts. Provided architectural recommendations with proposals and scenarios for the requirements. 
• Created services that integration between the ERP systems such as SAP and Informatica that massages the video data that flows in from the vendor companies 
Environment: WCF, Salesforce, SAP

SDK Lead

September 2010 to June 2011

• Architected, designed and implemented the SDK solutions of a tablet product. 
• Managed and led the development efforts of the SDK team which built C# SDK and PHP SDK. 
• Co-ordinated between custom site developers of partners and SDK developers to consume and integrate with the SDK solutions. 
• Provided technical assistance, project scoping and collaborations between web services team, QA team, SDK solutions team and customer development teams. 
Environment: C#, WCF, SQL, Salesforce

Lead .Net Architect

First Republic Bank

October 2009 to September 2010

• Architect design and develop web sites and distributed services wire transfers and online banking. 
• Architected using UI frameworks such as jquery, javascript, dhtmlx for high performance and scalability 
• Did technical analysis and provided end-to-end architectural solution for the web site and its backend service layer. 
• Provided solutions to convert .Net 2.0 web site to .Net 4.0 web site. Recommended MVC based web site solution and Web forms based solutions. 
• Redesigned web sites and converted master pages, skins, themes, css styles for consistent look and feel across different categories of the web site. 
• Created rich UI using jQuery, AJAX, javascripts. 
• Architected WCF security auditing features, tracing, transaction propagations and transfers, caching and other core WCF and web application features. 
• Analyzed cloud computing and proposed solutions. Analyzed and did POC using Entity Framework and ADO.NET Service(WCF Data Services) 
• Provided solutions for JSON, DataContract, XML Serializations across web site and WCF layers. 
Environment: jQuery, AJAX, javascript, WCF, .Net 3.5, 4.0, SOA, ASP.Net, C#, WPF, Silverlight, Cloud computing

Web Architect

Genomic Health

February 2009 to October 2009

• Architect design and develop distributed service oriented system. 
• Built a WCF system with Security token service and other integration services that talks to CRM. Security token services issues tokens for the other services to use. Performed security testing such as replay attacks, interception issues on the web. Architected and implemented solutions with fixes for the security vulnerability issues. 
• Architected authentication service and authorization service for security related products. 
• Provided technical solutions as an expert technical advisor in terms of architecture and design of the SOA system using WCF. 
• Acted as a technical evangelist and trained the team on different approaches of authentication, authorization on WCF, Pros and Cons of each approach with recommendation on best approach for scenario based requirements. Prepared and presented POC for each solution. Trained the etam on implementation of the solution. 
• Architected and proposed an upgrade of 2.0 framework to 3.5 framework of .Net. Implemented the features in 3.5 .Net framework version. 
Environment: ASP.Net, .Net 3.5, SQL, WCF, SOA, jQuery, AJAX, CRM, jQuery, AJAX, MVC

Diagnostics4All – Technical Lead


December 2008 to February 2009

• Managed the development of a Personal Health Record system for Diagnostics4All. 
• Created workplans and estimates for different projects. Managed a team of 3 developers. 
• Assigned tasks to team members and provided technical directions and roadmap for projects and team. 
• Architect and design applications. Collaborated with customers abroad regd requirements gathering, scoping, workplan. Managed remote UI team. 
• Built WPF screens for medical data input and integration with medical devices. 
• Built ASP.Net web pages for personal health data for patients and clinicians. 
• Built WCF services for communication between WPF and SQL DB. 
• Collaborated with medical device companies like Aerotel to integrate their devices in our application..Managed installation, implementation and integration of their software with heart rate monitoring, glucose monitoring and other medical devices some of which transmitted signals through modem and others through microphones. 
• Give recommendations and proposals for architectural improvements, design solutions, integration solutions. Proposed product features that drives revenue. 
Environment: WPF, XAML, WCF, Silverlight, .Net 3.5, SQL, MVC

Senior Principal Web Engineer/Architect

Pinnacle Systems

July 2008 to November 2008

• Architect design and develop desktop applications and websites for Pinnacle products 
• Give recommendations and proposals for architectural improvements, design solutions, integration solutions. 
• Build integration services that talks between website, webservices, amazon s3 services and app. 
• Registration workflows of App. 
• Created WPF desktop user interface screens through which video and audio streaming information would be communicated to the DB through WCF services. 
• WPF screens used Silverlight for rich UI look and feel. 
Environment: WPF, WCF, .Net 3.5, SQL, Silverlight, XAML, ASP.Net, CRM

Senior Architect/Lead Developer – WPF

Mountain View, CA

July 2007 to July 2008

• Architect, design and develop a web site which the customers could use to download IPTV releases. 
• Built web pages and desktop application using ASP.Net, APF, C#, SQL. 
• Built winforms applications that communicate to the database through the WCF services. 
• Lead the development team, provide technical assistance, interact with product management to gather requirements, mentor team members. 
• Deliver product on time meeting quality standards 
Environment: ASP.Net, AJAX, C#, SQL, AJAX

Senior Software Developer


Sunnyvale, CA

April 2004 to July 2007

• Worked on Virusscan Mobile application that protects mobile devices against viruses. Created interfaces through which data will be passed between the mobile layer and the 
• Worked on a web site that the users could use to download security products such as firewall, virus scan, bundled packages of both etc., 
• Xmlized web site pages. Analyzed test tools and provided recommendations. 
• Designed and developed an XMLEditor tool that could be used to create and edit xml structures. 
Environment: ASP.Net, C#, SQL, XML, XSLT

Lead Software Developer


Foster City, CA

May 2002 to March 2004

• Developed an online Assetzone application where a corporate could track their assets and sell them in auction. Coded to provide features to View assets, Transfer Assets between different plants, managed the 5 User roles and assign privileges accordingly, Reporting of Inventory, Transferred Assets, Disposed Assets and sold assets. 
• Created a generic Data Upload tool in to upload data from Excel into SQL. The generic tool was used to map data from Excel file with any SQL table or a stored procedure. Used VBComCompiler classes of .Net to create dynamic namespaces/classes/member functions and these member functions get executed dynamically depending on the selections made by the user. 
• Created a Validation web service which validates address data in a 5 tier application against the First Logic data (commercial Address data DB). 
Environment: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, XSLT, ASP, HTML

Developer Lead

Ernst & Young

Bellevue, WA

August 2000 to September 2001

• Managed and led a development team by providing technical solutions, reporting team status, mentoring team members, assigning tasks, logging ChangeControlRequests, Issue Logs, tracking project risks and ensuring that the project is delivered on time and within budget. 
• Designed, developed the pipeline components of order processing using Visual C++ MFC/ATL-COM. 
• Created C++ components which builds the XML order request and transports to iFulfillment server. 
• Created an online Knowledgebase/Project sharing/PL system using VB.Net. This system was used to log engagement performance updates of employees, share Knowledge and documents online, year end performance logging, utilization/beach hour logging etc., 
Environment: VB.Net, C++, XML, ASP, HTML

Senior Software Engineer

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA

January 1999 to August 2000

– Order Management System 
• Designed and developed an n-tier application to create an online store – 
• Developed COM components for Catalog/Basket in the order processing system. 
• Created a generic automated test tool for testing the components. 
• Developed Event logging and Error logging components that gets fired accordingly.

Software Engineer

Aerotek, Motorola

May 1998 to January 1999

Client), TX, USA – Label Printer System: 
• Coded in C++ to accept user inputs for label size, quantity, part number, department, type of chip. 
• Created Visual Basic UI for interfacing with hardware. 
• Coded C++ components for tracking the inventory and editing, adding, deleting parts of inventory. 
Environment: C++, Visual Basic, SQL

Part time Programmer(20hours/week)

University of Houston

September 1996 to May 1998

TX – Online Assignment Catalog System: 
• Developed user interface dialogues for inputting the student’s answers and questionnaire. 
• Developed complex algorithms for checking the accuracy of the answers and updating DB. 
• Developed skill building, knowledge-sharing and collaboration tools and workshops. 
Environment: C++, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL

C++ Developer, Softsmith, TX, USA (Internship)

Electric Power Scheduling System

May 1997 to September 1997

• Developed administrative dialogues in C++ with back-end as SQL. 
• Designed and developed the Administrative dialogues/User Interface screens using C++. 
• Developed multithreaded API calls that supports caching and sends dynamic notifications to concurrent users trying to draw power. 
Environment: C++ Builder


Master of Electrical Engineering in Electrical Engineering

University of Houston


Bachelor of Engineering in Electricals and Electronics Engg in Electricals and Electronics Engg

Alagappa Engg. College



.Net (10+ years), ASP (10+ years), ASP.Net (9 years), solutions (10+ years), SQL (10+ years)

Additional Information

Areas of Expertise 
– WCF Web service integration with windows desktop application and web applications 
– Web service integration using WCF with ERP systems like SAP, Salesforce, MS GreatPlains, CRM 
– Web site and desktop application integration with multiple enterprise systems 
– Web application, web service design and development 
– UI development using jQuery, AJAX and other client side libraries 
– Design and development of enterprise solutions 
– SSRS, SSIS integration 
Computer Skills: 
Database: DBMS, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Power Builder 
Languages: WCF, WPF, C#, C++, Visual C++, ASP, XML, XSLT, XSD, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, SOAP, C#, .NET, ASP.Net, Facebook, AJAX, Entity Framework, DotNetNuke 
Portals: Microsoft SharePoint, Plumtree 
Performance Stress Tools: Mercury Load Runner, RoboMON, Web Harness Tool(Homer) 
Methodologies: RUP(Rational Unified Process), Project Gateway, Rational Rose 
Project Management Tools: PMO, QMDB, PAL 
Source Configuration Tools: VSS, PVCS, ClearCase, WinCVS, Acccurev 
Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, SSRS, Cognos

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