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Worcester, MA

To maintain a career goal in the Human Service Field.

Work Experience



January 2018 to Present

Serve high-risk families, including those whose children are at substantial risk of placement or who are in placement and cannot be reunified without in-home services. • Provide services primarily in client homes. Travel to client homes and other locations. • Schedule sessions at times that are convenient for families, and when problems are likely to occur, including evenings, weekends and holidays. Maintain a flexible workweek. • Schedule and complete client intake sessions within 24 hours of referral. • Be available to client families 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Obtain coverage by supervisor or supervisor’s designee if unavailable for an extended period of time (e.g., 12 hours or longer). • Provide back-up for other therapists as needed. • Participate in weekly team consultation meeting, and individual supervision as needed. • Assess safety, structure the environment and use clinical strategies designed to promote safety. • Provide a range of clinical, concrete and advocacy services to family members that are consistent with the family’s values, learning styles, lifestyle, circumstances and culture. • Develop and maintain a positive, collegial working relationship with family members. • Assume responsibility for motivating families and employ motivation enhancement strategies. • Conduct comprehensive, strength-based and behavior focused assessments. • Collaborate with family members and referents in developing intervention goals and service plans. • Utilize research-based cognitive/behavioral strategies to facilitate behavior change. • Utilize a variety of teaching methods. • Advocate for and provide concrete goods and services (including transportation) that are directly related to the family’s goals, while teaching family members to meet these needs on their own. • Collaborate and advocate with formal and informal community resources and systems, while teaching family members to advocate for themselves.



2014 to August 2016

Actively participate in the development of student Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), including Transition Plans, according to program guidelines for the purpose of providing a free, appropriate public education. 2. Design a comprehensive vocational assessment plan for each student to appropriately determine transition plan outcomes for the purpose of insuring students understand and are aware of the relationship between school and work. 3. Compile and maintain necessary records, IEPs, and reports for the purpose of maintaining accurate student records. 4. Develop IEP goals and benchmarks based on the vocational assessments related to student interest in career or work for the purpose of setting appropriate student goals based on present levels of performance. 5. Develop and provide evaluation designs for situational vocational assessments within the workshop, in school and community environments for the purpose of providing students with the necessary experiences to prepare students for employment. 6. Develop a vocational profile showing current strengths and weaknesses as related to general job skills and work habits for the purpose of assuring all students attain appropriate levels of achievement in areas fundamental to their continuing development. 7. Maintain appropriate student behavior control and participate in the development and implementation of behavior intervention plans with integrity when appropriate for the purpose of classroom management and providing a safe, learning environment for all students. 8. Maintain effective communication with students, staff, parents, and administration for the purpose of collaboration and planning. 9. Participate in team meetings and IEP meetings to address student needs for the purpose of developing an appropriate Transition Plan.



August 2006 to June 2011

Provide therapeutic intervention services to children within a private school setting, adolescents, using individual, family, and group treatment. Supervise clinical intervention classroom and staff, Assist students with classroom assignments, implement school handbook policy, report to clinical director regarding ongoing school treatment plan, participate student in IEP, update parent and support team. Implement ABL therapeutic class, document and report incidents with student behavioral. Conflict resolution mediator with students, generate reports and assessments for intake of students. Case management with individuals in crisis.



September 1998 to August 2001

Develop and Implement programs that serve the community teens and family. Provide social counseling for teen and families in crisis. Assist teens with job development within the community setting, documentation and maintain the teen center reports and budgets for the year. Supervise staff to include scheduling, training, and staff evaluation. Meet with board members. Develop social programs for teen including family participation. Network with local schools department to assist disadvantage families regarding resources available within government and local state agencies. Manage case load for youth and families in crisis. Network with local community resources for housing, social security, food banks, job development resources.




May 1995


May 1978

Additional Information

Skills & Abilities
• Director of YMCA Youth Center, Supervisor at Umas Medical School (Residential), Supervisor at Mcgraft Educational School (Clinical Intervention Center), In Home Therapist/TT&S

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